EastWest Symphonic Choir + Wordbuilder (Sequencer) General Discussion (no support posts). Well now you can, courtesy of Symphonic Choirs, the latest virtual-instrument sample library from East West and Quantum Leap. While the sample world seems. Check out the East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs Wordbuilder Tutorials (video) page at Sweetwater — the world’s leading music.

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All instruments were sampled with three different mic positions platinum edition onlyallowing you to mix together any combination of mics using the interface for the ultimate in real-time tone and ambiance control.

Special offers and discounts may not be combined. When used in WordBuilder, these sections have four articulations: This revolutionary software also includes a pop-down menu wsst includes popular pre-built phrases that you can load instantly.

This is not an ordinary sample library but a highly realistic and expressive vocal instrument that owrdbuilder in a new era of creative power. Find all posts by jspencer.

The phrases have been optimized for each Choir. Included for both PC and Mac: Wordbuilder, now built into EastWest’s Play software, is the word building software that enables Symphonic Choirs and Symphonic Choirs Expansion users to type in words for the Choirs to sing.

EastWest Symphonic Choirs

PLAY isn’t just a sampler. An epic step forward in the evolution of the sampled choir, Choirs delivers an Oscar-winning performance that could grace any soundtrack. Many choirs sing in Latin so this can be a real time saver for those on a tight deadline. The new ranges are: Use Play 4 for bit hosts. After the four notes were played the display of the Learning-Tool moved four times until the right endI clicked OK in the Learning-Tool.


The Expansion also includes the ever popular Angels and Demons samples from Voices of the Apocalypse. Imagine typing words into your computer, in any language, and hearing a world class Symphonic Choir sing those words in any key s you play “live” on your keyboard controller!

But that gives me the disadvantage that parameter-changes in an instance do not affect the sound for the whole song, but only for one single phrase. This feature enables you to customize the sound of the choir to your own requirements. But I’m really asking, how some guys did their tracks with a length of a few minutes Thxs a lot again, Dudo. Geez, wish I had known about this trick years ago!

Videos Watch the Tutorial. I kept the preset “Ha le lO yia”. We do not accept liability for incorrect spelling, errors including pricesincorrect manufacturer’s specifications, release dates, or changes, or grammatical inaccuracies in any product included ewst the Sounds Online website. Then I made a 1-Bar-Part on the Instrument-Track and putted 4 quarternotes each on every quarter of the bar. The wordbulider have been optimized for each Choir. The sound is superb. By selecting different mic positions, users can mix these sounds together to create any kind of natural ambience their project requires.


Contact Us – www. You’ll get our best offer within 24 Hours. The only way to hear all phrases of the text is to repeat the song from the beginning, over and over again. The “Learn” function adapts WordBuilder’s timing to your playing to give you even greater wordbulder over crossfades and complex pronunciation. When I stopped the “Ha le lO yia” easst it was completed, the choir sang the next syllable after the last that was played, so it’s the same situation as without the Learn-function.

How does Affirm works?

I wrote the phrases one after the other in the textwindow of wordbuilder, but wirdbuilder doesn’t seem to be a way to set markers in the text, to tell the plugin which phrase to play in which part.

Articulations Symphonic Choirs puts five complete choir sections at your fingertips.

WordBuilder lets you type in words in English for the Choirs to sing. You can simply remove the item from your cart.

In my setup there was no way yet to make it run as admin descibed This is the weakness of wordbuilder. Page 1 of 4. The “Phrases” pop-up menu includes 28 popular Latin phrases that you can load instantly.