The E6B flight computer, nicknamed the “whiz wheel” or “prayer wheel”, is a form of circular Manual E6Bs/CRP-1s remain popular with some users and in some environments rather than the electronic ones because they are lighter, smaller. A Pilots Guide on How to use the E6B Flight Computer by lriccc in Types > Instruction manuals. E6B Flight Computer Instructions. Instructions for the E6B Flight Computer. ASA’s E6-B features a wind component grid and comprehensive crosswind correction.

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If you fast forward five hours from the time I first read that quote you get this: These flight computers are used during flight planning on the ground before takeoff to aid in calculating fuel burn, wind correction, time en route, and other items.

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How To Use A Manual E6B Flight Computer | Clayviation

Read GS under Grommet. When flying from one point to another, you are subject to being pushed by the river of air similar to being pushed downstream by water. This will tell you ,anual scale and which pointer you will need to use. In the center of the rotating portion are three “holes” windows used to compute corrected true altitude, density altitude, and true airspeed.

This is especially useful for filling out Nav logs and makes the mechanical E6B much faster than its electronic counterpart. The grid is visible through the transparent part of the wheel.

The Private Pilots License Course: The advantages of tlight method are You flibht only one true direction to magnetic, not two. The back side is used for calculating wind correction only crab angle and groundspeed. You can work in reverse to find ground speed for a known leg time and distance, and distance for a known leg time and ground speed using the following methods:. Consider that a direct headwind will simply slow us down, and a direct tailwind will speed us up. It instead has the numbers on it.


First I will define the scales and the pointers, and then I will show you how to put them into action! One common feature of all slide rules, the E6B included, is that they do not account for order of magnitude. This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat The center hole marks our ground speed and your pencil mark shows our left or right wind correction angle in degrees. The true ground speed is determined by matching the center hole to the speed portion of the grid.

Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The A scale the outermost circlethe B scale the middle circleand C scale the inner circle.

Below are the steps:. Wind Correction Angle, in degrees, as it might be programmed into a computer which includes conversion of degrees to mmanual and back:.

Because the process for finding TAS and Density Altitude is the same, I have combined these two tasks into one example. Before you start a leg time problem, you must first ask yourself: It is also where you will read all variables except time. In the same concept of Time-Speed-Distance used above, knowing that we flew the 20nm leg from Chattanooga to the next checkpoint of the Matthews Private Airport in 10 minutes,we can figure out the ground speed as follows:.

C to F conversion is a lifesaver for PAs. In the ground exams for numerous pilot ratings, programmable calculators or calculators containing flight planning software are permitted to be used. But notice the center of the circle is clear.

Thanks for reading, James, and for your service in the Air Force! It provides a way to input and reference data with pointers kind of like the buttons on a calculator. The designation “E-6B” was officially marked on the device only for a couple of years. On both the outer and inner scales you will notice that the number of tick marks, or graduations, vary between numbers.


Notice that our pencil mark has moved around some. Philip Dalton was a Cornell University graduate who joined the United States Army as an artillery officer, but soon resigned and became a Naval Reserve pilot from until he died in a plane crash with a student practicing spins.

V gV a and V w are consistent units of speed. If your ground speed isthen call Guiness, speed racer. Each one of these three skill groups require a different technique to perform and can be practiced independent of each other.

The middle box contains the special equipment codes used for item 3.

E6B – Wikipedia

The weather briefer told us that the wind is from degrees at 20 kts. A little common sense will let you interpret the result properly. Your email address will not be published. It allows you to work with minutes and hours or do anything in base The only thing keeping pilots from buying a mechanical E6B is the learning curve.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. In this example, the ground speed is kts. Believe it or not, a mechanical E6B is actually faster at making calculations, and can populate a navigation log faster than its electronic competition. Instructions for ratio calculations and wind problems are printed on either side of the computer for reference and are also found in a booklet sold with the computer.

How To Use A Manual E6B Flight Computer

It only works in whole units for minutes. We stopped off at Athens for a nice cold Coke. This post is Great. Otherwise was a very good read!