The Empire Of “The City” (World Superstate) The Years of Power Politics of the Modern Era by Edwin C. Knuth The Five Ideologies of Space and Power 1. The Empire of the City has 12 ratings and 1 review. James said: riveting The Empire of the City: The Secret History of British Financial Power E.C. Knuth. E.C. Knuth is the author of The Empire of the City ( avg rating, 12 ratings, 1 review, published ).

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The British empir to meet this menace functioned well and the cream of the British, French, Russian, German, Japanese, American, Italian and Austro-Hungarian armies soon gave the Chinese a severe beating for their aspirations of National freedom in what was known as the “Boxer War” of Within the City are located also the Stock Exchange and many empirw of world-wide scope.

Its weakness is the weakness inherent in a system which has developed with the smallest amount of legislative control Of the part played by Britain in the conflict of with Russia which followed their agreement of August 31,to divide Persia between themselves, and which added much to the misery and poverty of the people of Persia, Empirw. The City carries on its business of local government with a fanciful display of pompous medieval ceremony and with its officers attired in grotesque ancient costumes.

Herzegovina and Bosnia whose rebellion in July had started this era of bloody slaughter, were given to Austria for her support of Britain over their furious protests; and it was rebellion in these provinces of Austria which touched off the fuse in World War I, 36 years after clty had become Austrian provinces.

This aspect of the text contains eerily prophetic echoes of the theories of Alexander Dugin and his observations of the totalitarian nature of Western liberalism, and the inherent racism which goes with it, in the endless championing of the ‘sacred’ rights of ‘oppressed ethnic minorities’, which many liberal leftists cannot rightly see as appallingly patronising and exploitative in itself. The success of this superficially plausible and highly commendable undertaking would of course have meant complete and final defeat of the last Russian hope for access to open water, the dream of centuries.

Ile Milevski marked it as to-read May 13, The power of International Finance rests upon the doctrine of government advanced by Nicollo Machiavelli, which holds that any means, however unscrupulous, may be justifiably employed in order to maintain a strong central government,; and this doctrine has always been used as a vindication and the mandate of imperialists and dictators, and it cannot gain a foothold unless the forces of freedom have become undermined and are no longer able to offer open opposition.

Why this marching of troops from Asia to Africa? These are the profits from the time of the Baffle of Waterloo.

Wilson any particulars or details of the secret treaties as he had promised, so that Mr. Cooper states page 21 that the account is that international bankers under the lead of the House of Rothschild had acquired an interest in the three leading European ncies Reuter, Wolff and Havas. Open Preview See a Problem? Greene stated further in this book: The election of removed America from the British Balance of Power, for the succeeding Republican administrations were true to their trust and mandate, and this country did not re-enter a British alliance until Although permission to build this line had been obtained from Turkey in empier fall ofshortly after the nullification of the Concert of Europe by the new British Balance of Power, she had been halted again oc again by threat of war, and had not finished it by the outbreak of war in Andrzej rated it really liked it May 27, These words written in by a Liberal Britisher about Britain apply with surprising exactness to the extent of the understanding and knowledge of the average American citizen as to why the United States is at war 30 years later.


Josha rated it really liked it Jan 01, The modern version which has been broadened to include the United States as a principal in the British Empire was outlined by Cecil Rhodes about as follows: The secret societies of the above plan apparently came to life immediately after the death of Mr Rhodes in the Pilgrims of Great Britain, often used by British statesmen in recent years as a public sounding board;” The resulting plutocracy, has built and maintained its hegemony through the continual backing of wars, playing multiple sides off against each other, and flippantly switching allegiance at the drop of epire hat, War time lend lease acts, and the setting of post war financial reforms for payment of debts.

E.C. Knuth (Author of The Empire of the City)

Gordon, to arrange for evacuation of British forces and British interests from the Egyptian Soudan. Greene, the former military attache to the U. The fleet of Admiral Dewey had been prepared for battle at Hongkong, and after receiving word of the declaration of war on April 27th, sped to Manila and attacked and sank the Spanish [[31]] fleet there on the morning of May 1, Greene commented on that control in his “Army Life in Russia” of In this instance, the secret control of China had been in British hands since ; so they utilized a revolutionist against their own secret government and made him the nominal front man, then appealed to the American International clique to aid them in restoring the government of China to its rightful head; thus to balk the deal they had made with Japan by a simple strategy.

Then they had the assistance of the elite of the crack troops of America, Germany, Russia, Austria-Hungary, Italy, France and Japan to help them to subdue the brutal aggression of the Chinese.

The Balance of Power is a creation of this financial oligarchy and its purposes knuty as follows: He develops the British policy as a constant succession of cycles of shift partners, isolation, alliance and war; and the defeat of Napoleon marked the end of one of these cycles.

Emipre was stunned to find we had been fighting for the success of secret agreements of which the United States had no knowledge, some of them actually designed to check further political and commercial expansion of this country; such as that awarding the vast island chains in the Pacific to the Japs so as to cut us of from India, China and the Philippines. It is very interesting f note the artless way in which the British Foreign Office admitted that its foreign policy of was still unchanged from that ofin view of the rivers of blood shed in that foreign policy in the intervening 75 years.

Britain seized Cyprus in order to create a base to halt any further designs by Russia on the Porte. World War II has a very surprising resemblance to almost every aspect of the colossal Napoleonic struggle, and the groundwork is apparently being laid to repeat cityy bloody year grand cycle here outlined.

I did not think this was as ignoble an effort as it seemed to Page.

Nicholas Murray Butler stated in an address delivered Sept. On January 19,King William I of Prussia, was formally proclaimed Emperor of the new German Empire, a union of four kingdoms and twenty-one other principalities of central Europe. Knuth A Review by David Edwards Originally published privately inthe first edition of this work was disseminated amongst or so members of the U.


The Treaty exposes the true aims of the Allies. In 75 years, from to ; in the entire span of life of our oldes living generation, there have been only two true Liberals to attain leadership of the British Government, William E. Why this hammering at the gates of Pekin?

Russia defeated the Turks and the war was ended on Sept.

The Empire of the City: The Secret History of British Financial Power

The existence of this secret deal giving Japan these islands did not become known to America until Wilson sat down at the Peace Table at the end of World War I, and his objections to the various secret treaties that then came to light caused most of the secret deals to be revoked by the British, but this deal was not revoked.

It was further predicted that Turkey will resume her traditional position as the spearhead in the renewal of the timeless and savage British-Russian struggle for domination, briefly ot since to eliminate the newly arisen German Empire and its threat to the victor.

The purpose, of course, was to increase prosperity [[32]] for all peoples, great and small, and to protect the foundations of international peace through international cooperation. That part of the Eastern Question pertaining to the Knurh atrocities was now fully settled with general freedom for the Balkan nations, and Empier had demolished the Porte; but, on the other side of the Porte stood the British fleet, and that part of the Eastern Question has never been settled, for the new alignments of the Balance of Power left Russia helpless in Europe thereafter.

Depew and Theodore Roosevelt of the party of “The Full Dinner Pail” ofwas ended in when the people of the United States buried the interventionist candidates on the Democratic ticket of that year, James E.

Lloyd George Coalition Conservative majority A. With great earnestness he re-emphasized the point that unless the Conference was prepared to follow the opinions of mankind and to express the will of the people rather than that of their leaders at the Conference, we should soon be involved in another break-up of the world, and when such break-up came it would not be a war but a cataclysm. Skip to main content. It is well referenced and researched, containing excerpts from the writings of politicians, and legal and historical texts; this makes the dismissal of its revelations as mere speculation difficult.

Knugh promises of “New Orders” and “New Freedoms” to the subjects of the British Empire were all retracted and resulted in an immense wave of riot and xity over a period of years following World War I. Not only did the Conservative Benjamin Disraeli disestablish the Concert of Europe, but he deliberately led all Europe to the brink of war in the eastern question, after he had incited the ferocious Russo-Turk war of Evidently mistaking the quick compliance of King William I as a sign of weakness and fear of an apparently united Austrian, British and French coalition, they demanded two days later, on July 14th, that the Prussian King make a personal pledge that he would never again sanction any similar political move.

In this critical period a deal was struck by which the American Wall Street became a branch office of the Bank of England. This aggravated the very conditions which had been emphasized by Prof.