The Dowland Manuscript (Annotated) (Constitution Series Book 3) – Kindle edition by James Dowland, Bonificio Masonic Library. Download it once and read it. The oldest of this kind is the manuscript of a poem called. Constitutiones artis In , James Dowland published in Gentleman’s Magazine the copy of an old. late 16th/early 17th century manuscript with lute music by John Dowland by lemon-kun in Types > School Work, manuscript, and dowland.

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Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The document is headed The whole Institution of free Masonry opened and proved by the best of tradition and still some reference to scriptureThere follows an examination, in the form of the sort of question and answer catechism seen in the earlier rituals.

Masonic manuscripts – Wikipedia

Other writers, starting with Hughan’s contemporary David Murray Lyon, the Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, insisted that the “shee” must be a scribal error for theyor a mistranslation of the Latin illi they.

And when it was proved, there were founden some in Frenche, and some in Greek, and some in English, and some in other languages; and the intent of them all was founden all one.

Square and Compasses Window Decal on Amazon. Some of these Old Manuscripts have been found to have been incorporated into the Minute Books of lodges.

It was bundled with papers from William Cecila prominent Elizabethan politician who died inand was assumed to belong to the same period. It consists of 64 vellum pages of Middle English written in rhyming couplets. Those not housed in the British Museum are housed in well dowlznd, reputable and old libraries, in the archives dwoland Masonic Lodges and have been published by those who discovered them.

The wages mentioned in the text agree with other manuscripts known to originate in the second half of the sixteenth century. And they could find noe manner of good way.

Catalog Record: The Folger ‘Dowland’ manuscript | Hathi Trust Digital Library

The Kirkwall scroll is a floor cloth which contains many masonic symbols, many more opaque images, and ddowland writing which may either be manuzcript code or badly painted Hebrew. Ties, Tie Bars and Tie Tacks.


And when he was mamuscript his ,anuscript he tooke Masons, and did help to make men Masons that were none, and set them to worke, and gave them both the charge and the manners and good paie, as he had learned of other Masons; and confirmed them a Chartor from yeare to yeare, to hold their semble wher they would; and cherished them right much; And thus came the science into France.

To read the actual old manuscripts, themselves, this link will send you to the website of Philbrick Lodge No. They start on 24 June with the approval of Anderson’s constitutions, and the resolution that no alteration or innovation in the “Body of Masonry” could occur without the approval of Grand Lodge. Back from Old Charges to Lodge Talks. There followed directives as to the regulation of the craft, and provisions for the masters of every lodge to elect a warden manuecript have charge of the lodge every year, and that the choice be approved by the Warden General.

Later retranslation as “proved” justified the earlier dating. And in his dayes it befell that the lord and the estates of the realme had soe many sonns that they had gotten some by their wifes and some by other ladyes of the realme; for that land is a hott land and dowoand plentious of generacion.

Dowland Manuscript Posted on March 13, by michaellangford What is being remembered is unspecified, but evidently known to all the masons present.

It was named after the building in which it was discovered, which houses the Scottish National Archives. The earliest Minutes of lodges formed before the first Grand Lodge are also located in Scotland.

Modern opinion seems resigned to letting York Manuscript number 4 remain a paradox. James Anderson had access to the Cooke manuscript when he produced his Constitutions.

Cancel reply Enter your comment here As the first Grand Lodge gathered momentum the Rev. Other German ordinances are found in the Cologne recordsthe Torgau ordinances ofand the Strasbourg Brother-book of John No 1 bis.

The earliest masonic documents are those of their early employers, the church and the state. In the distance is a sea or lake full of fish, and beyond this are mountains. A fellow craft is further expected to know and explain a masonic embrace called the five points of fellowship.


Discipline is a frequent subject, collecting dues from delinquent lodges, and the “leg of mutton” masons who admitted men to the Holy Royal Arch for the price of such a meal without the least idea what the actual ritual was, and claimed to teach a masonic technique for becoming invisible. The Tabernacle is claimed to be King Solomon’s Templewith the tents removed in Sinclair’s reproduction.

Dowland Manuscript | michaellangforddotorg

The Graham Manuscript appears to have been written inand obvious scribal errors within it indicate that it was copied from another document.

Hiram Abiff is mentioned, but only as Solomon’s master craftsman, inspired by Bezalelwho performed the same function for Moses. Jubal discovered music, Tubal Cain discovered metallurgy and the art of the smith, while Lamech’s daughter Naamah invented weaving.

The significance of this lodge lies in the fact that none of its members were stonemasons, confirming that modern Freemasonry was fully evolved in Scotland before the appearance of centralised authority in the form of Grand Lodges.

The Old Charges of the masons’ lodges were documents describing the duties of the members, part of which the charges every mason had to swear on admission. And fro that day unto this tyme manners of Masons have beene kept in that forme as well as men might governe it. Most numerous are the Old Charges or Constitutions.

There are no minutes for the yearand only rough notes from the Antients, leaving a gap in the run-up to union that must be spanned from other sources. This meant he was in charge of the erection, repair and maintenance of all government buildings, and also the running of what was already a fraternity of masons, who ensured that all building work was undertaken by properly qualified persons, and also provided for their own sick and the widows of their members.

After dinner the outgoing Grand Master, the Duke of Whartonasked for a recount.