Welcome to the world of the DOD FX7! You have purchased the finest guitar signal processor and preamp of its kind; hardly a surprise when it comes from DOD. i play hard out electronic punk and use the dod on my drum machine my keyboard and my is a princible part o stacy-hlZhZ’s review of DOD FX7 Guitar. Used multi-fx unit in excellent used condition. Comes with original box, power supply, instruction manual, and manual with extra pages. Dated.

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The gate is quite effective and shrewd, the did are great, the octave is also better than usual, the delays are quite varied in stereo is great anyway and I’m especially frappadingue the arena reverb not found nicer way.

So once you have clicked forward, to go back you have to keep stepping on through the 9 banks until you get there again.

All user reviews for the DOD FX7 Guitar Processor / Preamp

The unit is gigged and is robust for my use, but I have treated it with respect. All the choices for effects.

This is the multi I use most, others are just passing fancies in the end. Just treat it little a computer quality part that will last 4yrs.

The fx7 is all around for effect, sound, and quality,however if this item broke i would probobly get a differant effects board. There are 30 programmable effects.

The lack of parameters is most apparent at high volume because any effect is too measured, but in practice if we play hard we do not need effects The Hyper Fuzz sounds did with a strat. No joke, this has the worst hiss I have ever heard.


DOD FX 7 Guitar FX Processor / Pedal – Reviews DOD FX7 Guitar Processor / Preamp – Audiofanzine

Other than that it is great. I have never been around this type of pedal set-up. Did you find this review helpful?

Great for the bedroom, no good for the stage. Anyway,I’ve been using often now. I got this fx pedal off of ebay for 42 bucks total. It is marked grunge, I think it’s the same as the name of the pedals digitech dod thenthen it does not figure Advanced users Value For Money: Sounds like shit if plugged into a Fender strat, unless it has active pickups.

What’s great is the input adjustment with LED signal and clip, imperial to know where you are going, and fit any guitar multi-effects and not vice versa! No tap fs7 of course it did not exist, but all the presets are arranged well done, I smell a job as a musician to fine tune. A good unit if you just want something to play with or get started with, though.

Ping and pong delays. The effects are not very flexible. Finally the reverb block 3 times with 3 different reverb hall room arenaand the master volume.

In short it is my tag a little guidance! The rapid editing is unbelievable, you press the button on the rx7 block and turning the wheel basta Can not combine WAH, phaser, chorus, flange effects together.


Not satisfied with those reviews? I hate the way the pedal is made out of hard plastic because u have to be carefull not to step on the pedals to hard like i did, and break one of them. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. You can also select the same sounds tx7 the 3 different pads within a bank but set the volume different so you can switch volume by foot during a song.

The overall sound is quite wide and let the guitar breathe, I use the FX7 as fx77 at home and at local repeat on my bassman which also annoys me, see my review on it to simplify history maximum while having something very correct anyway.

Then the modulation block, again zero parameter each effect is proposed in variants but well made specific effects eg octaver.

Once you play around with the sounds and get to know it, I have found it to be an excellent unit for the Rock scene. Was a good deal and a great intro into effects.

The FX7 is him. Sometimes it is so dang loud if I have the headphones on I go deaf and the next set of effects are quite the opposite. I can store all my own sounds in diffrent banks for differant songs.