· http://www. · The Cold Climate Housing. My family and me are decided to build the Missouri Design Masonry Stove: http:// because that document is really. He said this about the plans: “The plans you have got should have been taken of the internet long ago.

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Anyhow, I am pasting the e-mail below so you can check out the links for yourself. Do you already have an account? All the masonry stoves I have seen including the 4 I have take the air from the room in which they are located. Believe me, we really wanted ko do one, and even got so far as to make a trial rocket outside on our patio.

One major error is the recomandation of using direct outside air for combustion. It’s still better to block it off and keep your room air inside, but even if room air is entering the bell, then whatever is coolest is exiting. I’ve been fascinated by this alternative since I first read Rob Roy’s book Mortage Free about 15 years ago. Walker Cook Stove Plans.

If what you say about the mass and the firebox is correct, that certainly gives us a few more options for our space! Let the electric heating element 1 be a heating source. By contrast, a bell design, since only the coolest air in the bell is leaving out of the exhaust at any given moment, it’s not so critical.


The spot where the MH sits must have a deeper slab like. Choosing the former route, is a choice people make only for looks, not for function.

ceramic/masonry stoves

Usually those with high consumption tend to be dirtier albeit the fire may look better, but as you say yours are clean then they must have low consumption. Any sawmills out in your neck of the Ozarks? Pulling it from the MVHR perhaps. No, create an account now. I heard a couple masons talking and they said they are getting more and more orders for masonry heaters that have coils m them for heating water.

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Ogv firebox doesn’t have to be spendy. The warm stove wants to draft even after the fire is out, and at the point, having warm air go up your chimney is counterproductive.

You have no gas network. Anybody here use a masonry heater? They may have pallets of used firebrick getting buried under sawdust I will try to contact that people for my questions.

Good luck with your future build, please do share your build with us snr it progresses! Could you attach a J-tube rocket to a set of brick flues? Though we’ve only been burning it gently this week, already there’s a noticeable difference and we can tell the second chamber’s capturing more heat.


I have not seen any of the internet designs working, but my 4 work wonderfully and were put together by a masonry stove builder who came by recommendation and he did not have a piece of paper in sight.

I built a partial system in my back yard just to see if it was as easy as the book and websites said. A ceiling-high rectangle that’s hollow!

Hi Joe and Peter, External Air supplies can be used for Masonry stoves the only issue being that sudden drafts affect the performance of the fire, therefore should be taken from a sheltered supply point.

In no way or manner drn I running down a master mason when I say that most of them will use an imported core and just build a shell around it! I will try to plug a solar system to the gas water heater system. Or do it yourself with homemade adobes. We have no bricklaying experience.