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Oil palm fresh fruit bunch ripeness classification based on rule- based expert system of ROI image processing technique results.

Copy of Data Pendamping-2012

The natural habitat of the oil palm comprises very wet and relatively dry niches in the lowland rain forest in West and Central Africa. It is observable from the results that palm kernel oil extraction has not received much attention in mechanization.

The net result of these changes is that oil palm expansion in SEA increases surface O3 by up to 3. Radiation was the major driver controlling net carbon uptake, while soil moisture did not play a significant role.

The design of the proposed air coil sensor based on an inductive sensor is further investigated to improve its sensitivity.

Mono, di and tri functional of monomers of RAs were used.

Digging holes around the palm bole and adding empty fruit bunches have been investigated as ways to stimulate biological agents.

Lastly, a life cycle assessment based on a conceptual biomass hydrothermal liquefaction process for bio- oil production was constructed and presented.

This concept can be considered as a promising technology for palm oil mills with the main objective of eliminating the effluent from their mills. CLM- Palm differentiates leaf and stem surfaces in modelling water interception and is therefore able to diagnose the fraction of dry leaves that contribute to T and the wet fraction of all vegetation surfaces leaf and stem that contributes to evaporation.

Heppi Suranta Depari dr. Being sustainable is probably never about monetary value but more about the responsibility of tinggul the sustainable oil palm plantation and the environment that must be taken care of. Solar radiation is an important parameter for meilin and evapotranspiration.

The results of these preliminary works show that EFB can be degraded using gamma radiation at a dose of ranging from to kGy – 50 to times higher than what is considered to be the economic dose.


Palm oil is a good candidate for the multi-step dry fractionation processaiming to the production of commodity oils and specialty fats cocoa butter replacers. Therefore, it is necessary to convert the vegetable oil into ester metil ester by tranesterification process to decrease its viscosity.

Intensive fertilization and changes of C input by oil palms strongly affects soil C and nutrient dynamics, challenging long-term soil fertility. The concentrations of both herbicides quickly diminished from those in the analyzed sample by the time of collection.

The procedure started from collecting data needed as energy input such as: The EC system consisted of a Licor A dswi an ultrasonic Metek anemometer, operating at 10 Hz, installed on a 7m and 22m tower meilinna. I Nyoman Sumahardika dr. The measured emissions of. Methane uptake was observed in the soil in both plantations and also for the whole ecosystem in the 12 year old one, but its.

palm oil processing: Topics by

The maximum quantity of soaps required is determined to saturate exchange resin used in the purification of the biodiesel. Soil C dynamics under intensive oil palm plantations in poor tropical soils. The following results were obtained: There are many alternative technologies available to process other industries, but problems that often occur are difficult to implement the most appropriate technology. Gross soil-N cycling rates were measured using the 15N pool dilution technique with in-situ incubation of soil cores.

Seasonal analyses of carbon dioxide and energy fluxes above an oil palm plantation using the eddy covariance method. The Evalution which done by value engineer study generate the value from alternative palm oil is 1. This technology guarantees water recovery with drinking water quality; meeting the US Environmental Protection Agency USEPA standard or could be recycled into the tungguo with sludge utilization for palm milina estates, thus enabling the concept of zero discharge to be executed in the industries.


We conclude that this by-product mutualism persists in logged forest and oil palm plantation habitats, with no detectable shift in partner benefits. Titin Yuliani 12 dr. Substantial emissions of estragole 1-allylmethoxybenzene from the oil palm plantation were detected and no trace of this VOC was detected in or above the rainforest. The samples were analyzed by using UV-Vis to estimate the concentration of extracted lignin. By automatically extracting information on a block level as well as on a single-tree level, operators can utilize the developed application to increase their productivity.


Damage to agricultural areas and household properties occurs more frequently all year round from extreme weather, which is believed to be due to climate change caused by the increase of greenhouse gases — particularly, CO2.

This study was undertaken with the main objective of identifying socioeconomic and behavioural determinants of malaria among the migrant workers involved in gold mining, rubber and oil palm plantations.

Here we present an annual 54 week estimate of the export of dissolved and particulate organic carbon in water draining two oil palm estates and nearby stands of TPSF in Sarawak, Malaysia, subjected to varying degrees of past anthropogenic disturbance.

Our review highlights numerous research gaps. There is a melina trend of d towards air temperature above the oil palm canopy, indicating the effect of plant volume and height in lowering air temperature. Enoin Leo 15 dr. As an alternative, a transportable gamma-ray computed tomography system for the early detection of basal stem rot BSR of oil palms sewi to Ganoderma was developed locally at the Malaysian Nuclear Agency, Kajang, Malaysia.

The development of microwave remote sensing models for the monitoring of vegetation has received wide attention in recent years.

The rapid deforestation and subsequent land conversion of tropical virgin forests in Southeast Asia have been decried by environmental groups worldwide even though there is currently little robust scientific evidence to ascertain the net amount of greenhouse gas released to the atmosphere. The influence of the process parameters, such as reaction temperature and type of water-removal agent, on the performance of this intensified esterification process were investigated.