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Set in a flowery glade, Besso and Delfa discuss Giasone’s conflicting marriages to Medea and Isifile. Giasone makes up a story that she is a hussy dontente that he does not love her, but Medea remains skeptical.

Besso and Alinda then flirt with each other. Sole is also elated that Giasone will marry his descendant Medea and so he lets forth his brightest light. Isifile also has two laments: Besso finds Giasone and Medea sleeping with each other and feels some jealousy, for he too wants to find love. Alone, Giasone contemplates his situation i. Giasone asks for Isifile’s forgiveness and tells Egeo and Medea to rejoice in their love.

In the recitative that follows, Ercole praises Giasone for having lived up to his manly duties while Medea defends his passionate love for her.

Ercole admonishes him for neglecting to prepare for battle and the two discuss duty versus the pleasures of love. Giasone addresses Medea, who reproaches him for not living up to his duties as father of his twin children. Isifile is waiting for Orestes to return. Ercole, being a man of honor, tells Besso that is too effeminate, to which Besso replies: Giasone and Medea meet with Isifile.

Giasone then instructs Isifile to go in secret to meet Besso in the Valley of the Orseno and ask him if he has carried out his orders. Giasone La toison d’or For example, a bass voice was generally used for an authoritarian or powerfully masculine figure. He sings the strophic aria “Non e pui bel piacer. Ellen Rosand remarks that this is the most famous scene in Giasone.


Delizie contente

A Chorus of Spirits responds to her call and they agree to help Giasone by giving him a magical ring. He is perturbed because Giasone has grown soft as a result of enjoying the pleasures of love with Queen Medea and as a result he has been neglecting his duties.

Ellen Rosand remarks that by the mid-seventeenth-century Venetian public opera had developed conttente number of musical and dramatic conventions, several of which Giasone exhibits. In the countryside with huts near the mouth of the Ibero, Isifile is in a trance and singing the lament aria “Lassa, che far degg’io?

Orestes reports that Giasone no longer loves her, but has another lover in Colchis. Giasone and Medea leave Delfa alone, who wishes the couple well, contemte questions the virtue of having illegitimate children. Furthermore, he tells her that Giasone is planning to quest for the Golden Fleece and that his ship might have a chance to talk with him when his ship passes by.

Here the gods Jove i. Besso said that he had carried them out by killing Medea. Medea confirms that Besso had arrested her and thrown her into the sea; and Isifile confirms that he told her that he “only kills one queen per day.

Medea is alone singing a strophic aria “Se dardo pungente” about the pain of desiring love. Such scenes are characterized by a character’s drastic emotional changes. She does not believe him, but Giasone swears and gives her a kiss. Medea then asks if he has carried out his orders. Susan McClary notes that, in this particular opera, this choice raises some gender issues.

The character Giasone was originally cast for a castrato. Demo and Orestes have a long discussion with Demo complaining about the storm and worries for his life. He sings the comic aria “Con arti e con lusinghe” in which he scorns women for using their wiles and swears that he will never be fooled by their trickery by falling in love. She tells him to wait and she will return with the mother of his children. Besso tells her to report that he “only kills one queen per day” so he will not carry out his orders.


Mad characters are “freed from the decorum of normal behavior. She wants to know who Isifile is. The strings make drum-like martial gestures in an instrumental sinfonia that accompanies the action.

Giasone meets with Besso and tells him to go to the Valley of Orseno and wait for a messenger who will ask if he has carried out his orders. Delfa Medea’s nurse sings the aria “Voli il tempo” about how she has renounced love in her old age. Medea now rises and scorns Giasone for his disloyalty.

Il Giasone (Cavalli, Francesco)

Orestes asks Isifile to return and feed her hungry twins. Egeo realizes that Medea has left him for Giasone and he is mad with jealousy.

Contenet s mythological characters and plots are typical of early Venetian opera. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Sole the sun, i. Jason and the Argonauts. Medea announces that she no longer loves Giasone, but prefers Egeo after all; moreover that Giasone should return to Isifile and scorns him for being unfaithful to her. Orestes arrives and Isifile scorns him for having been absent and tempts him to kiss her, then falls asleep.

“Delizie contente” – singerstickynotessingerstickynotes

She does so, but then hurries on to the Valley of Orseno. She awakens her and tells him she burns for him, but then cintente about Giasone. She awaits the forthcoming murder of Isifile, but Besso has not arrived yet. She is joined by Egeo i.