Beak trimming is the removal of part of the top and bottom beak of a bird. It is also called “debeaking”, although this term is inaccurate as only part of the beak is. Debeaking S.C. White Leghorn pullets at 12 or 16 weeks of age produced Poultry Science, Volume 54, Issue 3, 1 May , Pages – Poultry farmers have concerns about the possibility of keeping non-debeaked laying hens without a loss of production performance. A Dutch.

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It was thought that the tip of the beak had no blood supply and presumably no sensation. Aspergillosis Avian influenza Avian sarcoma leukosis virus Histomoniasis blackhead disease Botulism Campylobacteriosis Candidiasis Coccidiosis Colds Dermanyssus gallinae Egg binding Erysipelas Fatty liver hemorrhagic syndrome Fowlpox Gallid herpesvirus 1 Gapeworm Infectious bursal disease Infectious coryza in chickens Marek’s disease Mycoplasmas Newcastle disease Omphalitis Psittacosis Pullorum Scaly leg Squamous cell carcinoma Tibial dyschondroplasia Toxoplasmosis.

Beak-trimming will always cause a deprivation of sensory input in the beak, an important source of information in birds, and the end goal should be the avoidance of beak-trimming altogether through genetics, housing conditions, and management. Turkey whose beak has not been trimmed. It is recommended that turkey poults be debeaked between two and five weeks of age.

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Beak Trimming of Poultry in Small and Backyard Poultry Flocks

Don’t have an account? Glatz, contains 27 pages of published experiments covering 40 years. Farm Building Progress, To enable the animal to perform this wide range of activities, the beak of the chicken has an extensive nerve supply with numerous mechanoreceptors, thermoreceptors, and nociceptors [ nerve endings sensitive to mechanical pressures, heat and pain] Cruelty to animals Animal rights Animal welfare Ethology Poultry ij.


An excessively hot blade causes blisters in the mouth.

Here’s why beak trimming of chicks in poultry farms is a senseless act of cruelty – Firstpost

A few years later a local company began to manufacture the “Debeaker,” a machine that sliced off the ends of birds’ beaks debeeaking a hot blade. Bandersnatch review — Netflix’s interactive episode will make you question the concept of choice Noticing and note-taking with Shubhangi Singh in the rearview mirror: See Figures 2 and 3.

Most commonly, the beak is shortened permanently, although regrowth can occur. The only thing you can do then is to stop being the consumer and therefore the co-perpetrator of this senseless cruelty. Phytase as an alleviator of high-temperature stress in broilers fed adequate and low dietary calcium.

Aviary systems and conventional cages for laying hens – effects on production, egg quality, health and bird deveaking in 3 hybrids. It is just one of a series of mechanical operations and injections that the bird goes through.

However, the British Farm Animal Welfare Council endorses the infrared method as a preferred choice for beak trimming in terms of animal welfare. The costs of beak trimming relate primarily to welfare concerns. In some factory farms, the birds are not only debeaked, their toes are clipped too, using the same hot knife machine. Don’t already have an Oxford Academic account? Most users should sign in with their email address.

Poultry producers use beak trimming as part of an overall strategy to reduce feather pecking injuries in groups of poultry. Beak trimming frequently referred to incorrectly as debeaking involves the removal of approximately one-quarter to one-third of the upper beak or both upper and lower beaks of a bird. Broiler chickens require only one debeaking because they are killed before their beaks grow back. Cannibalism has two peaks in the life of a chicken; during the brooding period and at the onset of egg laying.


The area about the eyes is black and blue with subcutaneous hemorrhage, wattles are dark and swollen with extravasated blood, and ear lobes are black and necrotic. The solution of industry is to chop off beaks. The effect of beak-trimming on food-intake, feeding behaviour and body weight in adult hens.

Baby Turkeys on Laser Debeaking Carousel Please contact the following industry groups and demand an end to debeaking. To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. Beak trimming method and drinking system and their effect on the performance and egg quality of Japanese quails. The point-of-lay cannibalism is generally the most damaging and gets most of the attention.

The hot knife blade used in debeaking cuts through this complex horn, bone and sensitive tissue causing severe pain. New Year flushed with promise world over, but Kashmir stares at another period of gloom amid gunfights and clashes.

Self-administration of an analgesic does not alleviate pain in beak trimmed chickens. Only trained and monitored personnel should perform beak trimming, using proper equipment and procedures.

Debeaking – Wikipedia

Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station. Try asking one of our Experts. Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. White Leghorn pullets at 12 or 16 weeks of age produced carry-over effects into the egg production period of reduced egg size and body size which were considered undesirable.