The title of this work, De Trinitatis erroribus, is taken from the work by Spanish theologian Michael Servetus who was burned to death on the. De Trinitatis erroribus. Date, Source, servetus/writings/#0. Author, Miguel Servet. De Trinitatis erroribus libri septem.. / Per Michaelem Serueto, aliàs Reues ab Aragonia Hispanum. Anno M.D. XXXI.. Author. Servetus, Michael ?

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What is the seriousness of this one Gospel Truth? The word “God” occurs times.

Link to this record with the following url: After entering your email address you will need to reload this page. The God ho theos revealed His own Son to the Jewish rabbi. And to us you have graciously given spiritual food and drink, and life eternal through Jesus your Servant. He could have stated that the source of all creation was a Triune Godhead, but he does not.

Likely he wrote early in the second century, but only fragments of his writings exist today. Notes See detail records for Notes relating to this item. We wonder if Paul were a dyed-in-the-wool Trinitarian would he exclude the Holy Spirit from his formula?

If he had embarked on a theological explanation of the Trinity here with its triune facets of three-gods-yet-one, it would have astounded his readers and contradicted his argument.


This work is attributed to the apostles and it contains this “Two Ways”chapter Throughout the Gospels the Nazarene is seen praying to God: The doctrine upon which stress was laid was, that God is, that He is one, that He is almighty and everlasting, that He made the world, that His mercy is over all His works.

Michael Servetus, “De Trinitatis Erroribus” () – The PostBarthian

Erratum on recto of final leaf. For he declares in Deuteronomy He was fastened to a stake by iron chains, and his last book was boundto his side.

For more on Michael Servetus, see www. Christ must be a man, like us, if he would redeem us from corruption and rtinitatis us perfect. Paul does not seem to hold any thought that they were one and the same. On June 17 the civil court of Vienne condemned him, if foudn, to be burned by a slow fire.

The apostle seems to draw a clear distinction between — not the Father and the Son — the Son who was revealed and The God who revealed him. During his flight from inquisitional Protestant persecutors Servetus discovered a tiny congregation of Anabaptists who described themselves as, “The brethren. The idea of more than one God is as old as Moses.


Three days later he escaped by leaping over a garden wall. Brunet V, Format Printed. Servetus 2 Referenced by: In the Roman world a “god” may be an exalted person or a human elevated to this higher level. Historiated initial on leaf 2r; printed marginalia.

De Trinitatis erroribus librii vii

The word “Jesus” occurs times. The Son of God is older than all his creation. They could have easily used theoi gods if they wanted to emphasize the plutality of three gods. Osleriana Referenced by: This text in Moses is found in the experience of the Nazarene. So, though it is true, Ignatius calls the Son “God the Word” by using the word “God” for the Son he does not necessarily mean equality with Almighty God.

Subject Trinity — Early works to Actually, surrounded by multi-god worshipping Greeks and Romans it is almost a natural thing to address Jesus errkribus “god. Again in his reunion with his home synagogue in Nazareth, Jesus boldly quotes from Isaiah In his Shepherd, or Pastor: