The title of this work, De Trinitatis erroribus, is taken from the work by Spanish theologian Michael Servetus who was burned to death on the. De Trinitatis erroribus. Date, Source, servetus/writings/#0. Author, Miguel Servet. De Trinitatis erroribus libri septem.. / Per Michaelem Serueto, aliàs Reues ab Aragonia Hispanum. Anno M.D. XXXI.. Author. Servetus, Michael ?

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We have found Unitarians much more readily to forgive doctrinal disagreement than Trinitarians. Notes See detail records for Notes relating to this item. May God, who seeth all things, and who is the Ruler of all spirits and the Lord of all flesh-who chose our Lord Jesus Christ and us through Him to be a peculiar people-grant to every soul that calleth upon His glorious and holy Name, faith, fear, peace, patience, long-suffering.

Cambridge University Special collections Printed. Again and again in this section, as well as the three chapters which follow in John, the Nazarene simply states: For truth cannot beget the horrors of persecution.

The word “God” occurs times. Indeed, even though here may be so-called gods theoi in heaven or on earth as in fact there are many gods and my lords yet for us there is one God, the Father, from whom are all things and for whom we exist, and one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom are all things and through whom we exist.

Related item Referenced by: We do feel an obligation, however, to put down on pages our own feelings arguments if you willnot for a determined and entrenched Trinitarian, but for those who ponder the question from a more neutral, searching view.

File:Servet De Trinitatis erroribus.gif

There is a particular incident when following the ascension of Jesus the Nazarene to heaven in which he revealed himself, or made himself visible, to one particular unbeliever, Saul of Tarsus. For I want to make you completely aware that the Gospel I preached is not of human origin.


Many will point to this early church father as calling Jesus “god” “God the Word” in his letters and this is true. And to us you have graciously given spiritual food and drink, and life eternal through Jesus your Servant. The Son of God is older than all his creation.

De Trinitatis erroribus libri septem.. | Copac

The use of the single hyphen on the title page is the most obvious way to distinguish the counterfeit edition from the original. In his monumental work he wrote he “will not make use of the word Trinity, which is not to be found in Scripture, and only seems to perpetuate philosophical error.

Thirdly, he makes it clear that all things came into existence “from God. Right away we see something is missing: Reprint of Hagenau ed. Documents recorded on Copac may be available for loan. Unless, he views God as truly one and not a combination of three.

It is not our purpose to attack persons but ideas. You alone are the guardian of spirits and the God of all flesh. Thus, they would have it read: The disciple Mark, possibly the secretary of Peter, translate this exactly as the Septuagint above has it. The word “Jesus” occurs times. No where does Erroribsu report he saw Triniyatis. At the moment, we note how often Paul omits the holy spirit when he could have just as easily included it.

Christ therefore was sent forth by God, and the apostles by Christ. The holy spirit makes no appearance in this long trinitatjs. Glory to you forever!

[De Trinitatis Erroribus translated for the first time into French]

The idea of more than one God is as old as Moses. The Counseil voted that Servetus should be burned alive. Author Servetus, Michael ?


The God ho theos revealed His own Son to the Jewish rabbi. Again in his reunion with his home synagogue in Nazareth, Jesus boldly quotes from Isaiah This work is attributed to the apostles and it contains this “Two Ways”chapter He then who would live the true life is enjoined first to know Him ‘whom no one knows, except the Son reveal Him.

Paul does not seem to hold any thought that they were trinitayis and the same. Does all of this contradict the modern view frinitatis monotheism? Find out more about how we use cookies Thanks for letting me know. Both, interestingly, in the Gospel of John.

After entering your email address you will need to reload this page. There is another factor in a couple of these salutations, however.

De trinitatis erroribus libri septem

Philippians, Colossians, 2 Thessalonians, 1 Timothy, and Philemon. Minutae will be agrued a thousand years and honest men will get no where.

First, we take a note of the occurences of the word “God,” “Jesus,” and “holy spirit” in the pauline epistles, including Hebrews. Christ must be a man, like us, if he would redeem us from corruption and make us perfect. But, even if we or some celestial being preached a Gospel different than the one we preached to you: Only 20 years old he published De Trinitatis erroribus Errors of the Trinity.

For he declares in Deuteronomy