Day of the Oprichnik has ratings and reviews. Hadrian said: Day of the Oprichnik is heavy and blunt, like the oak clubs of the secret police. Haunting, terrifying and hilarious, The Day of the Oprichnik is a dazzling novel and a fierce critique of life in the New Russia. Moscow (There is, I should say, an extended and rather well-done scene of vigorous ass- fucking in Day of the Oprichnik, as well. It an orgy in the truest.

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Day of the Oprichnik is just that, the day in the life of Andrei Danilovich Komiaga, one of the czar’s most trusted oprichniks- a throwback to a deadly secret police and courtier from the time of Ivan the Terrible. For instance, lighting a blacklisted nobleman’s house on fire is called bringing in “His Majesty’s red rooster ,” while raping the wife of the disgraced man is ” the way it’s usually done. People simply know that, i.

Day of the Oprichnik, by Vladimir Sorokin

This site uses cookies. Tax Tips for Professional Protesters. If it’s great in english, what do you think it’ll be like in its native Russian?

For everyone else; read the book, enjoy the satire, black humour and Science Fiction elements of this book and also find out what I mean. May 23, Tom rated it did not like it. Part 2, “Ice,” immediately throws us for a loop. Sorokin has experienced Soviet Russia and the rise and fall of democracy.

They begin their day by brutally murdering a traitorous nobleman and take turns raping his wife. And this little book will surprise you, in many ways.

Join the oprichni, Cancel reply Enter your comment here Like Liked by 1 person. Bobrov and five of his henchmen were paraded through Moscow in an iron cage, then flogged with the rod and beheaded on Lobnoe Mesto in Red Square. When you fight you kill. It’s through Komiaga’s experiences oprixhnik we learn about the “Western Wall” that cuts New Rus off from the stinking filth of Europe, about the political issues related to taxing all the Chinese inhabitants of Siberia, about the importance of religion, the ban on hard drugs weed te coke are totally cooland the restrictions on swearing and obscenity.


Follow us on Twitter globebooks Opens in a new window. First book by Vladimir Sorokin, that I kinda liked. He trained as an engineer at the Moscow Institute of Oil and Gas, but turned to art and writing, becoming a major presence in the Moscow underground of the s.

Sorokin’s Day of the Oprichnik is a novel that you’ll either love or hate. It approaches the cross-over line into literature.

Sorokin is upfront about the grotesque tne he writes. It was more than years ago in a different country with the people possessing different mentality.

Or, to put that more positively, that Russian readers or readers more well versed in the contemporary Russian scenewill get even more out of this. Early on, the Oprichniks take down a nobleman and then commence the obligatory gang rape of his wife. Given a free hand to repress dissent, the oprichniks have become a decadent pseudo-SS given to graft and self-indulgence, hypocritically masquerading under the guise of a monastic piety.

The problem this created was that the Tue were only accountable to the Czar. The Novgorodian warriors should have broader shoulders, they say about a piece highlighting the mercy of a young Ivan the Terrible, who would later establish the oprichniki and send them back to Novgorod for a massacre.

Day of the Oprichnik by Vladimir Sorokin

Rusija tog doba je Rusija u potpunosti okrenuta pravoslavlju i tradicionalnim vrednostima. Sorry, everyone who gets off work at 4: We follow one Andrei Danilovich Komiaga, one of the senior oprichniks, as he participates in the destruction of a wayward noble’s estate.

We are introduced to Alexander Snegirev, born in the year to a well-off family. But while the book is dark, Welcome to new Russia, where the Russian Empire has been restored back to the draconian codes of Ivan the Terrible.

From there, he choose the particular breed of dead dog head that will be mounted on his mercedov Mercedes in order to intimidate all who pass by him. This work is–passionate, and absolutely necessary. The oprichniks are also responsible for brutal executions to help keep Russia clean from traitors and criminals who break the laws of the czar, which, for some reason, includes swearing.


If you would like to write a letter to the editor, please forward it to letters globeandmail. Sorokin is not one for nuance. One bit that I particularly liked which brought to mind an essay of Dubravka Ugresic’s from Thank You for Not Reading and plays to my obsessions was this bit about literature in New Rus: For example, almost every single piece about him that I’ve read or writtenmakes mention of the fact that the Putin Youth symbolically flushed his books down a paper-mache toilet.

This should only take a few moments. If you want to write a letter to the editor, please forward to letters globeandmail. Sep 22, Brian rated it really liked it. Besides — why should they doubt?

Day of the Oprichnik – Vladimir Sorokin

Sometimes punctuation and other forms of emphasis don’t always translate exactly. It’s so much fun it’s laughable. This isn’t my first rodeo with a text from Rus, but this is one of the first times I was genuinely let down by a text I was excited to read from this part of the world. Als Teil des Zeremoniells wird seine Frau vergewaltigt. The Iron Curtain was no mere metaphor, but rather an imposing information barrier like the force field around Coventry, Robert Heinlein’s land of dissidents, rogue ideologues, criminals and nonconformists.

Join our mailing list to receive news from Full Stop: As Komiaga takes his turn, justifying and celebrating the rape, Sorokin effects a literary orgasm: