Brothers of the Snake is a novel by Dan Abnett composed of seven short stories featuring the Damocles Squad of the Iron Snakes Space Marine Chapter. Iron Snakes . in Know No Fear by Dan Abnett; the insignia of Damocles’ company, the 6th, is a white figure-eight serpent, similar to the Iron. Brothers of the Snake Type Novel Series Iron Snakes Author Dan Abnett Publisher The Black Library Binding Hardcover Released June 26 Pages

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That gives Abnett abit of creative freedom to tackle the mythologies and attitudes of the chapter without an expectation from the reader about how they ‘should be’ portrayed. Something which, at least, gives them a sense of being ancient heroes without overstepping such boundaries.

Many are even surprised at how rapidly unenhanced humans age, or cannot pick out things like puns. My goodness what a fantastic novel.

I think it’s a fix-up. I simply stopped caring about them. This particular novel was written by Dan Abnett, the author of several Warhammer 40, novels that are considered by many to be some of the best in the franchise.

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Brothers of the Snake (Novel)

When a mission, referred to within the chapter as an “undertaking,”is decided upon the Chapter Master announces how many squads he believes are required to ensure its success. Dan Abnett, however, has a talent for taking the mad background of the 40′ Universe and spinning captivating stories from it, enriching the setting in the process.


Some of the best moments with the marines which depict their superhuman nature are around more commonplace people.

The main charecter is Brother Sergeant Priad who commands the ten man squad known as Damocles named for the squad’s primogenitor. Meh, pure Bolter porn. The first thing you should know is that unlike other Space Marine novels, Brothers of the Snake od a collection of short stories following the Damocles squad of the Iron Snakes Chapter.

A major one stems from their increased emphasis upon the use of infantry and deploying their units more as kill teams than full companies. Community Forum Discord Server.

Brothers of the Snake (Literature) – TV Tropes

But he has a lot to do as a sergeant. The Iron Snakes definitely deserve more stories devoted to them. More than a few moments in the story suffer from narrative convenience to the point where a few break the suspension of disbelief.

Jan 29, Brothwrs rated it really liked it Shelves: In the hands of a lesser writer this would have turned them into the edgelord legion, or made them unlikable, but Abnett manages to avert this issue. This is easily one of the best novels in the setting to explore the futuristic feudalism which dominates large chunks of the Imperium, and the stark contrasts there.

As for the stories themselves, they follow a Member of the Space Marine chapter known as the Iron Snakes, who have been tasked with defending a star system known as the “Reef stars” from various threats mainly Dark Eldar the Main character of the Stories is one Marine known as ‘Priad’ and his squad ‘Damocles’.


While on the surface just another of Dan Abnett’s many, many entries into the Warhammer 40k universe, Brothers of the Snake is an excellent example of what a talented author like Abnett can do even within the confines of an existing setting when left to chart his own course.

As usual he does so in his own way. Los enemigos son… enemigos. We get Space Marines at the beach here, to put it in perspective.

Other than that, it’s a great read! He departs the planet, hoping that nothing further goes amiss on Baal Solock. This is where the Iron Snakes fall flat as it seems lazy on the part of the author.

Iron Snakes (Novel Series)

They are intentionally robotic and intentionally removed from humanity, but it lacks the additional elements which would benefit later sagas. Its unique setting and narrative makes it stand out among other books and is a fun and thrilling adventure. Among from the world of Ithaka are the Iron Snakes, stalwart defenders of man.

Posted by Bellarius at The first-ever squad-leaders of the Chapter have become immortalized within its ranks, as their names have been retained as the official designation of the squads they first led.