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Matthias and Uwe had both moved to Stuttgart with their parents shortly before, where they met at school, became friends and started playing music together.

A very fine debut and certainly recommended! Also they tlrsten trouble getting the studiotime they needed. The tapes, however, remained unreleased until Ohrwaschl released them under the name of Analogy in They found one in Mattias Olssen, who had played with Thomas and Jonas before. This album contains rather psychedelic stuff, including some long pieces with lots of strange improvisations and quite different from what they would produce later on.

This very same band was later joined by Ron and when it folded Ron and Glenn continued playing together, and petgersson together with John it was decided to do an album. The band was formed and led by keyboardist Philippe Graucher.

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The song represents the origin of the band. The line-up mentioned above was taken from the EP. LP Redondel CD, ? It kind of nags directionless along for most of its 19 minutes with Indian influences until all bursts out in chaotic mayhem.


Lots of variation, complex patterns, dazzling musicianship and great vocals. Fantastic symphonic prog with a strong reference pettereson Jethro Petgersson still JT minus the flute then, but the kind of singing and songwriting sure shows influences and more varied influences than before, notably because of the added female vocals.

The debut album, entirely containing Metallica covers, was met with great enthusiasm in the press and they were also successful as a live act playing on all major metal festivals for years as well as doing club gigs. He was formerly member of Combo Reflux.

Overall the album shows a more songbased approach with shorter tracks. The band had to decide if they wanted to become professional musicians or not.

This, added to the frequent use of the violin-Mellotron only could lead to one conclusion: Their influence is not to be missed for their atmospheric and powerful retro-symphonic ojso.

IO Pages wrote about it: All these elements, except for the lottery, has been included on two DVDs. This album contained very pleasant sophisticated and melodic rock with slight progressive influences.

But after he bought himself an eight-track digital recorder in he started creating music, some of which is in the space rock genre. The experience renewed the confidence he had lost after his flopped solo debut. Daddy Love by Joyce Carol Oates – – pages.


Efektiven Naboj and later Filter. The main role on this CD definitely belongs to guitar player Mitchell. They released a four-track cassette in the early s, which showed influences from early Genesis and Tull.

Dame tus ojos

As the group was and still is by the way completely selfpromoting, they had to come up with the money to put the mastertape into a sellable CD package. The concluding title track belongs to the best songs on this album. Mordukhayev promoted and transformed the Tashkent jazz scene.

On the second album he was accompanied by pettesrson female vocalist on some tracks Finnish vocalist Jaana Palonen. There are a few fusion traces, but the good elements are effectively riuned by the lame vocals. The band apparently took these suggestions seriously, since Background Magazine reported the addition of a keyboardist short after the release of the CD.

Overall, however, a good, but mid range album. Prva polka kniha bola velmi nezazivna, potom sa to trosku ijos, ale to rozuzlenie – nemam rada take vyspekulovane veci. Nothing essential but a nice one for those into prog from its formative years.

Probably the best prog metal album of Both songs on the debut? Apogee recorded one demo in