DA PAM 750-30 PDF

DA Pam dated 1 July (supersedes DA Pam , dated 28 June in case you were wondering) is titled “The M16A1. : The M16A1 Rifle Operation And Preventative Maintenance DA Pam Original field manual illustrated by Will Eisner in comic form. SUMMARY of CHANGE. DA PAM –3. Soldiers’ Guide for Field Maintenance Operations. This major revision, dated 18 September

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DA PAM – The Army’s “Slightly Suggestive” Vietnam Era M16A1 Pamphlet | IBOV

If your M16A1 rifle refuses to pop off — or quits popping sudden-like — you’ve got a stoppage that needs im- mediate action. Choke up on the cleaning rod — hold it about 2 inches from the receiver and push it straight inch by inch in short jerks all the way through the flash suppressor. This water’s got to be removed before J you try to fire. When you consider that all this has a direct bearing on how well your Ml6Ars going to fire and protect your hide in a showdown, these angles make real good sense, don’t they.

Clean your rifle every chance you get — times a day’s not too often in some cases. First, make sure your rifle’s cleaned and lubed before you bag it. Then the receivers will close without any interference. Take care of your magazines — and hang on to ’em. From 17 to 20’s fine, but 2rs too many when you’re loading cartridges in the magazine of your M16A1 rifle.


This bag, y’know, won’t excuse you from regular PM chores. If absolutely necessary, you can fire right through the bag. Numbah 10 Thou’ in a combat situationl So, when you get your baby stripped for cleaning, like it says in para in TM with Ch 1, ds an extra 5 seconds to get at the port hole down there in the front end of the gas tube.

Dip the brush in bore cleaner get oil the gook out of the chamber and bolt locking recess. You’ll spread the lips this way, too. Be sure it’s in place when you put the parts back together.

The bag’s apt to collect condensation if it’s wet or tiumjd, so, check your bagged magazine daily. Stop tugging when the follower reoches the tabs and ears and don’t separate the spring from the follower. Get ’em and use’ em!

DA PAM 750-30 – The Army’s “Slightly Suggestive” Vietnam Era M16A1 Pamphlet

Take out the buffer assembly and spring. So get it off as quick as you can. Always — like Always!

In fact, with a rubber band closing — not to mention rips and tears — the bag’s not guaranteed watertight, so-oo-o. Lube ruins ammo and collects gook — could leave you helpless in a fight! The carrier should move freely Then dry it out good with a swab or rag or even your shirtail ;am a pinch.


You can operate the selector lever and trigger easy with the bog on. If you jam the receivers closed while the selector’s in the AUTO position, you’ll force the automatic sear down and damage the automatic sear, and the sear pin, and will likely rough up the bottom of the bolt carrier. Table in yourTM covers causes and cures.

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Instead, slide the rounds out straight ahead. A pipe cleaner’s about the handiest thing for keeping this hole clear. Don’t try to screw ’em together. Now you can understand why TM with Ch 1, does not authorize disassembly of the lower receiver group for cleaning by riflemen and armorers. Don’t worry about any discoloration you find there, though. Here’ re some ideas that might help: If no cartridge or cose ejects, first look for a round in the chamber.

Anybody who bathes his rifle is do- ing it dirt two ways: If you do, here’s what to look for: So it deserves reasonable treatment — especially in cleaning and lubing its lower receiver area. Don’t — like Never! Any stuflf that’s left after you do your level best won’t make no never-mind. Your rifle can’t perform without it.