Thank you for your purchase of the Cushcraft X9 Tribander. plan to install the 40 meter add-on kit, please read the X manual before you assemble the X9. Here is a view of the Cushcraft X9 Balun. The antennas had been up for a few years with out any issues. The last year or two, I have not been very active on the . What’s the best antenna? KLM KT34XA or Cushcraft X7 or X9 model? Tks in advance 73 Lopes – PY2SM mailto:jl @ ICQ:

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Here’s a sample of what members and visitors to the station can see and operate: I took plenty of d9 for assembly; this is a large tribander with lots of pieces. I bring my antenna array to the ground level a few times a year to do preventitive maintenance on them. That ckshcraft taking my time and double checking everything! The last year or two, I have not been very active on the air.

Just traps from one element was used back New to Ham Radio? I can even load it up on 40M with a tuner in a pinch. I decided to install W0IYH baluns. We got full size elements on all bands ,all on an 18ft boom. I have had an X-9 since August of and I am very pleased with it’s performance!


Building The X7 Antenna. I have had the X-9 beam up since September when I moved to a new location in the country. Two networked computers for logging and operating software.

Performance is just as advertised, based on observed beamwidth, front-to-back and VSWR curves. Its easy with a GlennMartin tower and hazer. Overall opinion is that it’s an excellent choice for someone who wants a good solid and dependable antenna!

A has solid and tube fiberglass for sale Work good DX easily with it daily! Click on pic to goto to manual page. Here the boom from both antennas are combined I will try to add more links and cushcrafft.

What we found when I took the cover off!! I would highly recommend this antenna Additional material was bought The ferrite that was from the inside of the balun.

Cushcraft X9 + X

Not a bad combination. I’ve literally done nothing more than check the nuts and bolts and coax connections. X9 Balun whne we took down the beam What we found when I took the cover off!! Overall, the written instructions are as good as anyone’s, but a couple of mis-labeled drawings were a small problem.

This is what I enjoy doing in Ham radio. It’s mounted on a HBX Rohn tower. Reviews Summary for Cushcraft X Plusafter looking at the amount of gain on the X9 – too much material for just about a 1 db increase. This antenna just flies in the wind, no damage done.


Cushcraft X9 Baluns

Assembly was long and the directions sould be a bit clearer. Send Your Comments or just say Hi!!! Compare her with the original Cushcraft x7 antenna below.

Had mine up since early 96 on a 60′ Cushcraf with voyager hazer.

Building The X7 Antenna

It and the A3 warc antenna just fly like the birds! These are used by many stations and have grown dramitcally in popularity. Inside My Radio Room. OverView of the X7. I have already started getting the stuff together. The are also shown mounted on the boom Bottom line — the X9 is an excellent choice.

The balun sounded like a baby rattle!! But a dipole works better. It still hangin on my tower up till now since Dec Please stop by and say HI — Everyone’s welcome! Cushcraft also has a 9 element version using a 24ft boom