Why are people around the world so very different? What makes us live, buy, even love as we do? The answers are in the codes. In The Culture Code. The Culture Code – by Clotaire Rapaille. ISBN: Date read: How strongly I recommend it: 6/10 (See my list of + books, for more.). Dr. Rapaille: Culture Codes Deciphered 2. The mysterious world of consumer behavior revolves around individuals’ cultural psyche. A world renowned cultural .

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There’s no indication any of his “findings” would be verified by a repeated study. These codes—the Culture Code—are what cuoture us American, or German, or French, and they invisibly shape how we behave rapaikle our personal lives, even when we are completely unaware of our motives. Why do we reject the notion of perfection? Concretely, he shows how to immerse in a foreign culture in order to explore what makes people tick — and how.

The Culture Code by Clotaire Rapaille | : Books

It took a long time to read because it started to disengage. Beyond the question of validity is the issue of value: Ships from and sold by Amazon. He also outlines an interesting method for how he uncovers the codes, focusing on five principles. Rather than selling instant coffee to rapaikle country dedicated to tea, they created desserts for children infused with the flavor of coffee but without the caffeine.

Chapter 7 focuses on the codes for quality and perfection, and it is clearly my favorite. What culutre I do for them?

The combination of these imprints defines us. Health is movement; when you stop, you’re dead. I especially liked when the author discussed how different cultures view themselves and others i. We’re not obsessive perfectionists, but we demand that things generally work and get the job done.


Clotaire Rapaille is the chairman of Archetype Discoveries Worldwide and has used this decoding approach for thirty years. The American experience with Jeeps is very different from the French and German experience because our cultures evolved differently we have strong cultural memories of the open frontier; the French and Germans have strong cultural memories of occupation and war.

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I found myself in agreement with a majority rapalile the observations and was quite amused at the way Rapaille presented them. It lets us do business in dramatically new ways.

Why is fat a solution rather than a problem? However, if you take that with a grain of salt and view it as a way to anchor a theme and provide direction to a marketing campaign, the rapaile words might serve a purpose.

View all 4 comments. And now, in The Culture Codehe uses it to reveal why Americans act distinctly like Americans, and what makes us different from the world around us. Every imprint influences us on an unconscious level. His groundbreaking revelations shed light not just on business but on the way every human being acts and lives around the world. He argues that Americans find perfection boring, signifies the end, and th Review: Jul 17, Pages Buy. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

Many authors try to create the type of insights contained in this book, but they do not have the insight or the knowledge to do so. The Growing Pains of an Adolescent Culture: This book offers a lot of food for thought about how we are molded by our culture. The author argues that it also explains our fascination with celebrities and the adolscent mistakes they always seem to be making. The subject of imprinting also formed the foundation of the lectures I gave during this time.


Clotaire Rapaille, originally a Frenchman, glorifies America to no end and bashes Europe read France again.

Understanding the Codes gives us unprecedented freedom over our lives. This book will be of interest to students of anthropology, psychology, international affairs, and marketing of culhure.

For example, Americans link or form code for automobiles as being about freedom, whereas the Germans have a code for automobile which is engineering. The event went on for two days, nearly all of which was fulture around a large communal table. He goes so far as to suggest that nothing can be learned absent emotion.

There were some minor annoying things- not all the codes seemed reasonable to me.

This book is a great read. His assessment of why Americans are fat also feels a bit stretching. America is a nation of extremes – rich vs. Interesting how different cultures have meaning and understanding to different things.

Chapter Ten looks at how other cultures see the U. Jung is doing kickflips in his grave right now. Customers who bought this item also bought. In The Culture CodeDr. He covers presidents, sex, cars, etc. He argues that Americans find perfection boring, signifies the end, and they don’t actually want something or perhaps someone that is who is perfect.

Understanding the Codes gives us unprecedented freedom over our lives.