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The Easter Triduum is the heart of the liturgical year.

Marco Frisina – Credo in te – Listen on Deezer

We sing this our faith full of enthusiasm and confidence, embodying the words of Christ, let us enter the great words of the witnesses of the faith who friskna preceded us, let’s make our way to becoming in turn reliable and happy witnesses. These ancient hymns im the Christian tradition are of incomparable beauty, and it would be desirable for their rediscovery and re-use, cerdo the limits of possibility.

L’amore di Dio faccia di voi una vera famiglia, riunita nel. From the Eucharist flows the song of believers who celebrate the love of God and the fellowship creeo the brethren. In these texts to the music, I wanted to express the various spirits of Christmas.

Then we find some hymns, and one dedicated to Blessed John Paul II, true model of a shepherd, one dedicated to the fatherhood of a merciful God reminds us that the vocation of every priest at his mercy is called to witness to the love of God to men. The fundamental vocation of every believer is to be an instrument of this love. These songs are a homage to the beauty of the Lord. Completing the collection are tracks the Ordinary of the Mass which can be used in the solemnity and the harvest of Ordination.

O Croce nostra speranza. Del Crefo i vessilli avanzano O Luce radiosa. These are pieces of different character: In the Year of Faith, which we are about to experience, it is useful to return to this extraordinary text that the Magisterium gives us and invites us to make our own the faith of the Church and to live in the difficulties and the challenges of our present culture. In addition to the parts of the Ordinary of the mass, some songs are presented whose text recalls the themes of the Year of Mercy.


Some songs also provide for the participation of the Assembly which is entrusted with the repetition of the antiphon or other forms of Gregorian chant.

This collection of songs celebrates the Easter season and the Solemnity as composed and orchestrated by Marco Frisina. Il Signore che guida i nostri cuori nell’amore e nella pazienza di Cristo, sia con tutti voi.

O amore ineffabile frisina spartito

I hope that the knowledge of the texts that the Christian tradition has given us pushes us to give our prayer the depth and beauty of the Easter light. In the texts of the liturgy of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit is the protagonist, the immense splendor of God, the creative energy, the breath of life, the uncreated Love that Easter blows from all over the world, renewing it with the grace and love.

This term therefore expresses the greatness of God, his beauty, his omnipotence, but also his mercy, his boundless love that Christ has shown us.

The “Apostles’ Creed” was set to music as a liturgical alternative to the Nicene Creed. Ma con amore provvido raggiungi tutti gli uomini: The parts of the Ordinary and some songs, such as “Totus Tuus” were written for the priestly jubilee of St. Amore odio e passione tema svolto, o’charley’s. Crfdo collection of songs contains the ordinary and some parts of the Proper of the Mass of Christmas, the day when the Church celebrates the coming of Christ the Savior.

Canti Veglia Pasquale – Coro S. The simple prayer of the Franciscan tradition presents us rather with the demands of Christian life: Each piece grisina be performed in different ways, depending on the capabilities and possibilities of choirs and individual performers.

marcofrisina-usa | LITURGICAL MUSIC

Frisina, direttore del Coro della Cattedrale di Roma, ha ripreso il. The hymn to Mater Misericordia reminds us of the maternal intercession of the Virgin Mary, Mediatrix of grace and mercy, that is with us in everyday life and under whose mantle we can find refuge and comfort.

The liturgical project “Bread of life” is an invitation to join in this praise with heart living in the Eucharist, the source and summit of our life of grace.

So sing the Mystery of the Incarnation. The more prepared will be able to use them instead in their complete form, and even with the use of the orchestra.

The Eucharist is the center of the universe and of our life.

The tradition of liturgical music has always reserved for the Mother of God the most beautiful lyrics and melodies, masterpieces such as the Gregorian Mass IXthe hymn Ave Maris Stella, or the solemn antiphon Salve Reginaare just a few of these.


The presence of the Eucharistic hymns emphasizes the strong bond of the sacrament of the Eucharist with Easter. A te che ascolti. O Amore ineffabile – Marco Frisina wmv. Some hymns have been translated, some can be sung with the same melody in both Latin and Italian.

Non temere

Also special on this record is that it is live recorded in San Giovanni Rotondo in May frksina the beautiful new church dedicated to Saint Pio of Pieterelcina frlsina designed and built by tte great architect Renzo Pianocontains all the emotions of his concerts that takes place every year in dozens of places everywhere. O amore ineffabile frisina spartito 20 mag amore. This collection is an invitation to contemplate this joyful infinite love of God for us that lights up our lives, even when it is immersed in the darkness of sin, bringing salvation, opening up before us the sea for us to enter into the promised land of Christ.

I also wanted to include two beautiful prayers, one of them is present in the Missal between those of Thanksgiving “Post Missam,” the act of offering, “WelcomeSir,” the text of S.

Psalm 33 is a typical text that credp the wonder and joy of the believer who sees the love of God himself as a gift of grace in the Eucharist.

Alleluia-Gloria a Te o Cristo. Frisina O amore ineffabile M. This year, however, there was another wonderful opportunity to reflect on the Catholic priesthood and to meditate on its beauty: Showing His perfections every, creature sings the praises of God. The Holy Father has recently shown in the Marian prayer, especially the Rosary, one of the most powerful means to obtain from God the graces necessary and to implore his mercy to the world.

O amore ineffabile frisina spartito. The encounter with God takes place in the intimacy of the heart as strenuous and demanding commitment to the service of the Church and the world, but it is always dictated by love “who creates everything.

Eucaristia, tesoro ineffabile dei fedeli. Canto di natale spettacolo musicale – spartito – L.