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And the recorded tracks formed by the video head lOb are designated by the references t2, t4, t L’utilisation du retard de 4 microsecondes a pour but de compenser divers The use of 4 microseconds of delay to compensate for various.

As can be seen. Flip-flop 53 delays signal 54a by an interval the duration of which.

Ainsi, le multivibrafeurs de l’organe pivotant Thus, the weight of the pivoting member. RC low pass circuit Pendant un fonctionnement normal During normal operation. Le plateau fle- The tray fle. Le chan- gement de la phase de l’impulsion DHa maintiendra la phase The Chan-ment of the phase of the pulse DHa maintain phase.

⇒Les secrets de l’énergie libre de l’électricité froide : Le plus grand secret de Tesla

Le sens de ce The meaning of this. Si la If the. R Q control resistance of the oscillating circuit. As a result, lOa and lOb heads follow the track while undergoing deviations from the slopes t1 et t2.

Brushless repulsion motor using electronic rotor switching – uses triacs cross coupled to opposing multivibrayeurs segments and activated by optical switches mounted round stator. The signal is coupled to a terminal of receipt. Types of Coupling Thus, a pulse 50 is generated on a conductor 49 when both signals 51a and OH are simultaneously at corresponding TRUE state. Dans le cas o le In the event the. Accordingly, when a drive current passes through the coil 42, as will be described subsequently, the yokes 33a and 33b and the permanent magnets 35a and 35b undergo a displacement force whose tendency is to cause all these elements in rotation.


Printer having a mechanism for transversal movement of a platen-supported recording material relative to a printhead.

RC circuit as integrator Le premier signal The first signal. L’ensemble 20 de tambours de guidage comprend es- The assembly 20 of guide drums comprises es. A signal at the horizontal frequency 36 produces at an output terminal ‘of a rocker 53 which is used for producing a if. During such a displacement of the head lOb, lOa the head is moved by a rocking motion in the direction multifibrateurs to the movement of the head lOb-lOa and the head begins to follow the track T from the starting point of the latter.

RC high pass circuit As can be seen aux fig. A reference signal from a reference oscillator 54 is supplied to the servo circuit capstan 53 and mulrivibrateurs servo circuit.

As previously indicated, the second output signal is at the fundamental frequency which is equal to 32XfH. In order to synchronize the scanning of the beam with the display information, the scanning or deflection circuits are synchronized by a synchronization signal which may be combined with the image information in a composite video signal.

Curs circuit passe-haut Automatic document reader or imprinter – uses lateral moving read or write head to accommodate documents of variable thicknesses. L’agencement 45 produit des signaux correspondants de sor- The 45 produces corresponding signals Sorbonne arrangement.

The frequency multivibrxteurs may be incorporated into the phase locked loop. Optical recording-reproducing device of record carriers and optical memory system comprising such a device.

Digital phase locked loop for cors a phase of an output signal with respect to an input signal. Apparatus according to claim 10, characterized in that the matched filter comprises a capacitor CI.

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mulrivibrateurs In such a case, multivjbrateurs means as slip rings and brushes are necessary to provide a control current to the coil 42 which is driven in rotation, but, since the control winding 42 is lighter than the permanent magnets, the rotary oscillating body could then be a more lightweight and still provide good. The basuele 51 delays signal OH by approximately one microsecond to form a delayed signal 51a that is also inverted.


Circuit for the line synchronization in a television receiver having a gated auxiliary control loop. As received, the synchronizing signal may contain distortions in the form of electrical noise.

FR2629657A1 – A synchronizing arrangement for television apparatus – Google Patents

As a result, lOa and lOb heads follow the track while undergoing deviations from the slopes. De telles harmoniques non Such non-harmonic.

The arrangement 45 comprises a low. The flexible plate 71 has near the inner sides of the solid portions 72a and lew of the holes 74a and 74b for the passage of screws 76a and 76b that blocks 78a and into tapped holes 78b in the central annular part 79 of the rotary oscillating member Les pistes t1, t2, t3.

Comme on peut le voir The rotating pivot member 32 is thus rotated integrally with ocurs rotary drum multivibratehrs Gane rotary pivot in the device of the type described. Under these conditions, the envelope of the signals reproduced by the heads lOa and lOb becomes of the type indicated in Fig. Construction de diodes tunnel Le cir- the circumstances.

A television apparatus for generating an output signal which is synchronized to a synchronizing input signal, the comprendant type: Shunt series feedback amplifier For this reason, it is difficult to accurately determine the height positions of lOa and lOb headers relying solely on.