Clavicula Salomonis Hebracorum Regis translata in latinum idioma ex Claviculae Salomonis, , by Luppius;; Clavis Salomonis et thesaurus etc. CLAVICULA SALOMONIS REGIS. Reworked, Written and inspired from the original manuscript by Michael W. Ford. Illustrated by Elda Isela Ford. The Luciferian. to both the Key of Solomon and the Lesser Key of Solomon, alternatively known respectively in Latin as Clavis Salomonis and Clavicula Salomonis Regis) .

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Each Talisman is hand drawn in royal blue ink made from vegetable dyes, surrounded by an elegant border of leaves and scrolls, four Masonic squares and compasses, all in deep wine-red letterpress ink.

Preparatory Prayers and Invocations. The phrase in [] is found in Ad. This Triple-Tau Key produces a marvellous array of 5 geometric figures symbols of the elements as brought from Egypt by Pythagoras.

Most of text is in Latin, with salokonis also in Dutch and German Last page, after concluding Clavicula Salomonis contains a list of the names of God, in German. Salomonus 44, from Sl. The chapters are a little differently classed in the various MSS. Then you may begin to perform the said experiment, which you may salomonks at any time that has been noted, but clwvis the time and day are not mentioned, use those discussed in the chapter on the hours.

The corrections to Mathers’ translation are based on my research; these have all been documented in the footnotes. This being finished, let the master uncover the pentacles, and demand all that he shall wish from the king clais the spirits, and if there are one or two spirits only, it will be the same; and having obtained all his desire, he shall thus license them to depart: Retis Book 2 chapter x where the magus salomois directed to place the knife upright in the ground at his feet.

And then on his bended knees, stretching his hands to heaven, he said: Although it is mentioned in one of the conjurations, its construction and use is not otherwise mentioned. The Hebrew text is not considered the original. It is more concise in style, but omits several chapters.



Mathers gives the names in Hebrew characters; these are also given in Ad. And I salompnis a certain work wherein I rehearsed the secret of secrets, in which I have preserved them hidden, and I have also therein concealed all secrets whatsoever of magical arts of any masters; any secret or experiments, namely, of these sciences which is in any way worth being accomplished.

Clavicula in Italian and Latin: The four cardinal directions are also noted — “settentrione, mezzogiorno, oriente, occident” North, South, East, West.

L displays simple mistakes in some of the Clafis passages. Twilit Grotto — Esoteric Archives.

Aub24, Ad, Ad, and Sl are all closer to the purported meaning: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. M seems to be the most correct here: T he Book of Light. A Lengthy and Barbarous Conjuration of the Spirit to appear in a human form and give answer to all that the operator desires.

Zedesia; Aub24, Sl, and H Add to basket View Details. Regiss aforesaid place should be pure, clean, safe from interruption or disturbance, and proper to the work, as we shall hereafter show.

The Key of Solomon (Clavicula Salomonis) edited by S. Liddell MacGregor Mathers

How have I deserved to follow the example of my father Solomon in such things, who hath been found worthy to receive the knowledge of all living things through the teaching of an angel of God?

Note also the invocation of the four kings of the cardinal directions, given variously generally Oriens, Paymon, Egyn, and Amaymon. It also calls the quill knife “Arthame” and conflates it with the ritual knife. A manuscript of this ca. Period tools from the last quarter of the 18th century roughly contemporary with the age of the original manuscript have been used to decorate the work. But if which is almost impossible they be even yet self-opinionated and disobedient, and unwilling to obey; in this case their names should be written on virgin paper, which he should soil and fill with mud, dust, or clay.

These words having been said kneeling upon the earth, let the master shortly after arise and open his arms wide as if wishing to embrace the air, and say: Grant, O Lord, that we may become responsive unto thy grace, so that through it we may have a full confidence in and knowledge of thee, and that the spirits may discover themselves here in our presence, and that those which are gentle and peaceable may come unto us, so that they may be obedient unto thy commands, through thee, O most holy ADONAI, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and whose empire endureth unto the ages of the ages.


Elyonand between North and East Eloha. Mentioned by Waite in BCMp.


Regarding the expression ‘night,’ understand the night following, and not the night preceding the aforesaid days, 15 for indeed they are creatures of darkness who hate the light.

The complete phrase regos the high and almighty, the God of Israel” Lat. Then you may begin to perform the said experiment, which you may complete at any time that has been noted, but if the time and day are not mentioned, use those discussed in the chapter on the hours.

If incensing or other observances are required, see the instructions in the relevant chapters. This is another example of the Colorno class of manuscripts. regiis

My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? Planetary hours Table 2: Now, in order to succeed in forming such a circle concerning magical art, for the greater assurance and efficacy thou shalt construct it in the following manner: Book of the Magical Operation of Simon Clvais.

It is not clear to me at this time why. Concerning the Magical Weapons and Fumigations. Both front and rear inner covers of the Book of the Key of Solomon bear these panels tooled in blind and gilt, symbolising the doors, and doors within doors, of Ezekiels vision of the Temple of Solomon restored.

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