The City Boy [Herman Wouk] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The City Boy by Herman Wouk – book cover, description, publication history. ‘City Boy’ spins a hilarious and often touching tale of an urban kid’s adventures and misadventures on the street, in school, in the countryside.

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He started writing a novel, Aurora Dawnduring off-duty hours aboard ship. I really loved City Boy. Short, smart, and overweight, Herbie has a lively imagination; he would rather be reading than playing ball games. It became the film Her First Romancewith the character of Herbie Bookbinder changed into a non-Jewish teenaged girl played by Margaret O’Brien with a brother named “Herbie”but the plot elements largely remained the same. Herbie was noticeably shouldered out of the talk.

That book is awesome. I feel like I’m in a young person’s world and not as the adult or the kid.

Always an excellent re-read! I loved the stuff that I would have hated Herbie for when I was a kid.

They are together inside the top of the Statue of Liberty and Davey, a handsome neighborhood friend of Lucille’s, has just strode by and conversed briefly with Lucille, to the discomfiture of Herbie: If you like the little snippet I’ve quoted, you will love this book. Borowsky’s candy storeand going out to dinner at Golden’s Restaurant with his dad and his dad’s business partners. He lived a fairly secular lifestyle in his early 20s before deciding to return to a more traditional Jewish way of life, modeled after that of his grandfather, in his mids.


The City Boy

The good kind of pity! I personally quite enjoyed this book from the very beginning. It’s about Herbie straddling the ground between childhood and manhood and not being comfortable in either heman he’s not comfortable with himself.

I loved the lying. Nice going- with no profound social significance or jibes at modern mores. This story is labeled as a novel. I guess City Boy does have an air of teacher’s pet about it in Wouk’s writing.

City Boy by Herman Wouk

Feb 18, John rated it really hermab it. Maybe scanning the room for someone to root for, rather than relate to, and there’s Herbie Bookbinder.

The transition from child to man is easy for no one and the reader takes that painful journey with Herbie, who, thanks to Ckty writing, maintains a sense of humor to ease the pain of. He was not in the top tier of school authoritative system with the garbage band.

Getting out of trouble, staying ahead. City Boy20th Anniversary Edition, page xii. I doubt Herbie returns next summer. City Boy gets shit for being too rosy viewed about Jewish life in the Bronx in the s. Why isn’t this book considered a classic? I loved the first half of the book. Raised in Chicago, she made Aliyah to Israel in with her husband and young daughter. Be the first to discover new talent! But talk to me about “regular guys” playing stickball and This is one of those books that was excerpted in my middle school Language Arts book.


How many of you have complained the whole time you were participating in something In Herbie’s case summer camp.

His main character, Herbie Bookbinder is a fantastic creation, and it takes little imagination to make the jump from the bookish Herbie to an imaginary “Hermie” I read this as part of my “read everything ever written about the Bronx” kick, but ctiy that it also fit into another one of my favorite subgenres: The best part about City Boy is that it isn’t from Wouk’s place and the teacher’s pet stuff is mostly in the background.