Chrétien de Troyes’ Erec and Enide, which presents the story of a knight and his .. a todas las novelas de Troyes y ya lo había comprobado anteriormente. CHRETIEN DE TRO YES’ EREC ET ENIDE. AND C IST E R C IA N S P IR IT U A L IT Y. Patricia Ann Quattrin, M.A.. Western Michigan University, So Chretien de Troyes maintains that one ought always to After them there swiftly followed a knight, named Erec.

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Erec et Enide features many of chretiien common elements of Arthurian romance, such as Arthurian characters, the knightly quest, and women or love as a catalyst to action. What a great story. Retrieved from ” https: Dat pakt niet goed uit. This is a fun medieval tale as well as a fabulous allegory. Oct 24, Nuska rated it liked it Shelves: Each test proved both Erec and Enide more chreetien of attaining their goal with the final test being the “Court of Joy.

I’m sure that means something, and if I had brainpower right now, I’d figure out what.

Erec and Enide

View all 9 comments. He is so dde of her beauty and virtue that he suspends his li De Troyes is little known unless one is a French medieval student. The story of Erec is lesser known than many Arthurian knights, and is mostly interesting because of the dual credit given in the title and book — Enide is there the entire journey to the female wife.

Enide is a strong character, but it takes too long for it to be truly respected by any character in the story, even by herself. Written circathis version of the Griselda legend tells the story of the marriage of Erec, a handsome snide courageous Welsh prince and knight of the Round Table, and Enide, an impoverished noblewoman. He is so ensnared of her beauty and virtue that he suspends his life of dueling, which starts tongues wagging around Court that he has most his courage.


They are rich in ” chivalric customs and ideals and have little in common with their Celtic prototypes. Si es caballero tiene que guerrear. But Erec himself is just not that complex a character, I found, and the pacing was stop-and-start. University of Georgia, A prose version was made in the 15th century. It gets three stars because it annoyed me and that made writing the review a pain in the ass.

The Arthurian tales inside my imagination might be better than the classics. I also could not understand at all why Enide was forever noticing these imminent dangers while Erec was blissfully unaware. In spite of her appearance, the courtiers recognise Enide’s inherent nobility and Queen Guinevere dresses yroyes in one of her own richly embroidered gowns.

Erec defeats Yder, in a contest to win a falcon for the most beautiful toryes in the town. Caballeros, Damas en peligro, justas y reyes. Erec wakes to Enide crying, so he plans an adventure. The introduction here is fascinating, especially the information about how British and Celtic tales were ‘trending’ in the French courts of the period, leading to a spate of literature on these chrtien.

When Erec first sets off, it is Easter, at Pentecost he marries Enide, and his coronation occurs at Christmas. Courageous men-sword fighting, the whole bit.

Virtually nothing is known of his life. It tells the tale of Yvaine, or the Knight with a lion. Want to Read saving…. I also noticed the “hero’s journey. Villana seria si le pesara.


Lastly we have Story Trohes, a romance about that most faithful of knights, Lancelot. This page was last edited on 12 Decemberat But I could never really get into the story because I hated the romance itself.

They are usually available very cheaply — I suggest getting all four in one file, like this one, if you are interested, and can’t afford the modern translations.

Erec and Enide – Wikipedia

It then progresses to the love story of their son, Cliges, and his paramour, a story with similarities to Tristan and Isold. May 18, Jason Oliver enice it it was ok Shelves: C’est l’histoire d’Erec, un des plus braves chevaliers du roi Arthur: These stories have a tense issue. There are so many “most valiant and unbeatable knights” during this time, that I am surprised there was anyone to conquer. Although I read this book for a eniee, and probably wouldn’t have picked it up otherwise, it was an interesting novel.

Erec and Enide by Chrétien de Troyes

This clearly presented translation, faithful in preserving the subtle expressive qualities of the original work, is accessible reading for any Arthurian legend aficionado and an ideal text for students of medieval literature. Erec’s kind of a jerk for the majority of the text, and there’s a lot of misogyny at play which isn’t all that fun.

May 28, Walter rated it really liked it. May 13, Mina Soare rated it liked it Shelves: