Relevant to today’s war-torn world, The Palace of Illusions takes us back to the time “The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni is as sprawling and . Through the long, lonely years of my childhood, when my father’s palace seemed to tighten its grip around me until I couldn’t breathe, I would go to my nurse and. : The Palace of Illusions: A Novel (): Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni: Books.

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Still, it was a grand spectacle, with the entire court and many of the prominent citizens of Kampilya accompanying us, dressed in their glittery best—exactly the kind of event that brought out my worst anxieties.

That is what Panchaali comes to understand at the end of her life. We do see Panchaali struggling between the prescribed norms and her individuality. View all 5 comments. The book made me look at Panchali with renewed respect. Dec 04, Ana marked it as to-read Shelves: The narrative is telling of the life and travails of Draupadi, the woman who was born out of fire, married to five of the fiercest warriors of her time the Pandavasthe queen who ruled one of the most magical of palaces, one who refused to learn the lessons her friend, Krishna, a God incarnate, taught her, a woman who was obsessed with vengeance, and spurned by the world for having been the cause of the great battle of Mahabharta, the battle that saw clans obliterated, and millions dead.

I won’t go into the details of the book, as the Mahabharata is quite a complicated saga. Dalam perjalanan hidup menjalani takdir yg sudah dituliskan, Drupadi mengalami berbagai macam gelombang kehidupan. I was completely in love with her words while reading the book.

The only bad part of the book was the family chart, which was hard to read. Draupadi has been brilliantly portrayed into the story and has been brought alive with so much vigor by the author. Saya harap, saya tidak sepertinya Yang meski menikah dengan lima pria paling cakap tapi tak bahagia Yang tidak mampu menahan kebencian Yang tidak berani jujur atas hatinya Saya banerjee, seseorang yang saya rindukan akan menemukan saya Tidak perlu sempurna seperti Pandawa Lima Hanya seseorang, yang tak perlu saya sembunyikan rasa cinta saya Yang saya tahu, saya merindukannya, bahkan hcitra bertemu, seperti ketika saya membaca buku ini Notes: The novel is a rendition of the Hindu epic Mahabharata as told from Draupadi ‘s Panchaali’s viewpoint, namely, that of a woman living in a patriarchal world.


From the Trade Paperback edition. It would be more correct to say Panchaali is a controversial character, rather than a villainess. divxkaruni

Through smart dialogue, the author cleverly etches out the character of Draupadi, careening a bit as she does this, from how this character has been portrayed in other versions of this epic tale, giving her faults and imperfections, likes and dislikes, loves and hates illussions as us humans thus delineating her from the conditions surrounding divqkaruni unnatural birth.

The story is narrated from the view point of a very important female character in Mahabharata, Panchali. View all 4 comments. Panchaali, in traditional readings of her part in the story, is often seen as something of a villainess or at least as a character whose actions bring about the downfall of many others.

The Palace of Illusions: A Novel – Wikipedia

The narrative made Draupadi sound like an egocentric person that never grew up mentally. And then the voices came again. Atas nama kehormatan, para pria tak bisa mundur dari sumpah yang telah diucapkan mereka. The Mahabharata is an elaborate story, which can be perceived from any character’s point-of-view and still have a rich palacw experience. This abnerjee has added a very interesting touch to the epic. Hubunngan dengan perempuan-perempuan penting dalam kehidupan Pandawa.

He brought me news of the world that no one else cared to give me, the world that I was starving for–even news that I suspected would be considered improper for the ears of young women. Yup, Divakaruni sukses menulis kembali palqce agung Mahabharata dengan menggunakan sudut pandang Drupadi. Oct 05, Richard Derus rated it it was amazing. One of my favorite books ever, and I don’t say that lightly. It did not feel like a retelling and though I knew how the story would progress, I was keenly waiting for the revelation from the side of Draupadi.


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Wanting, for lack of a better word. Sanjay That is correct, and there are many versions to this. I thought of the prophecy then, with yearning and fear. Our narratives are lessons for us to surmise on the basic effervescence of our lives.

Her women are desperate, wonderful, complicated, lyrical, memorable, even magical…. We witness the transformation of Panchaali from a young girl to a woman.

The Palace of Illusions

Questions paalace Topics for Discussion 1. His weakness was that he believed completely in his destiny and had resigned himself to fulfilling it. Cleverly done in parts by putting episodes in dreams and visions. But I will get into the reasons why I was a bit disappointed nonetheless. The pacing of the book is very slow and while reading, the readers might feel a bit lethargic due to the usage of heavy words and too many philosophical adverbs by the author.

I read it once and was impressed; read it again slowly, savoring, and was swept away.

Like Mahatma Gandhi, a man I greatly admire, I believe in non violence as the best method of resistance. The other way is to treat it like literature is supposed to be treated. Besides, the cover of the book is so awesome and attractive.

I always felt that there was more to her story than the usual male-centric readings allowed. Kaget juga karena di usia saya yang sekarang, kurang lebih 20 tahun lewat sejak pertama kali mengenal tokoh Pandawa lima, ternyata saya masih mengingat garis besar kisah Mahabrata ini Istana khayalan benar-benar membuat saya berkhayal jauh, seakan-akan saya ikut berada dalam Hastinapura, ikut bersimpati dengan Dropadi dan tanpa saya sadari, ketawa sendiri mendengar celetukan Dropadi yang ngasal juga.

She has attempted the enormous task of retelling the Mahabharata, one of the greatest Indian epics. In what ways does your own home reflect your secret self?