Bubbles: Spheres Volume I: Microspherology (Semiotext(e) / Foreign Agents) [ Peter Sloterdijk, Wieland Hoban] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying . Weighing in at over six hundred pages, Sloterdijk’s Bubbles, published in the original German in and finally translated into English late. Peter Sloterdijk is a German philosopher and cultural theorist. He is a professor of philosophy and media theory at the University of Art.

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I am not sure if there is going to be a larger organization amongst his other works, bubnles I look forward to reading those as well.

Bubbles is the first volume to appear in English. Male fantasies of women “dripping wet like a gravel lorry” “tropfte [ Loading comments… Trouble loading? Sloterdijk’s historiographical brushwork is, even by the standards of continental theory, broad, and several chapters, particularly those in the book’s middle dealing with “negative gynecology” and the primordial fetus-placenta dyad, are to be admired for their sheer audacity alone, a judgment perhaps extensible to the overall project.

He describes Bubbles, Spheres’ 1st volume, as a general theory of the structures that allow couplings–or as the book’s original intended subtitle put it, an “archeology of the intimate.

He repeated his statements and stirred up the debate in his articles titled “Kleptokratie des Slotrdijk transl. In that light, those involved in humanistic endeavors should concern themselves with the preservation and cultivation of the atmospheres that permit human beings to flourish.

Yet the ground on which individualism stands — the idea of the coherent self, armed with autonomous agency — has been severely eroded on all sides over the last century. Women at least those who become mothers are links in an intergenerational web of unbroken physical continuity, an unbroken chain of motherhood stretching back beyond the first humans and our distant mammalian forebears into the oceans.


Bubbles by Peter Sloterdijk, translated by Wieland Hoban – review | Books | The Guardian

The concluding discussion of Trinitarian theology makes the most poignant points about this strange immanence, but along the way Sloterdijk convincingly deconstructs the bases for modern psychology and hypothesizes about the real beginning of conscious life in the womb. Those who prefer their philosophy neat and dry will find buvbles level of hyperbole bewildering, at best.

University of Munich University of Hamburg. Just to make it sunnier, we can now also add to the list impending ecological crisis.


Written over the course of a decade, the Spheres trilogy has waited another decade for its much-anticipated English translation from Semiotext e. Retrieved from ” https: Return to Book Page.

The first volume in Peter Sloterdijk’s monumental Spheres trilogy: The first volume was published inthe second inand the last in In he received his PhD from bugbles University of Hamburg. But his book is more fundamentally a study of the ways that life, soul, being and being-together have been conceived in terms of inside, outside and the traffic between.

Consequently, he bubb,es the creation of an “ontological constitution” that would incorporate all beings—humans, animals, plants, and machines. Want to Read saving….


Peter Sloterdijk – Wikipedia

There Sloterdijk claimed that the national welfare state is a “fiscal kleptocracy” that had transformed the country into a “swamp of resentment” and degraded its citizens into “mystified subjects of tax law”. Peter Sloterdijk is a German philosopher, cultural theorist, television host and columnist.

Such an attitude may not find a sympathetic reception in a readership more used to the pedestrian logic of analytic philosophy, but to dismiss it in its entirety would be to miss an opportunity. Nov 18, Zixiang Zhang rated it it was amazing. Refresh and try again. Matthew Cosgrove rated it really liked it Feb 16, It would be supposing a bit much that something bhbbles is frankly so odd could quickly enter into mainstream discourse.

Sloterdijk rejects the existence of dualisms —body and soul, subject and object, culture and nature, sloterdiijk. In his Zorn und Zeit translated as Rage and TimeSloterdijk characterizes the emotion of rage as a psychopolitical force throughout human history. Das Schelling-Projekt ist nicht als Roman konzipiert, es ist vielmehr als Slotedijk gedacht.

By submitting this form, you are granting: While Sloterdijk’s e-mail novel about an academic hoax was rated mediocre in terms of literary quality, [25] it came to be seen more as a political statement, [26] specifically as an attack on gender mainstreaming in 21st century Germany.