Garden Curator Brian Kemble will lead a Bromeliad tour at The Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek on Wednesday August 20th at am. The bromeliad. Bromelia balansae has been growing for many years at the Ruth Bancroft Garden. It comes from a wide area in South America, east of the. The heart-of-flame bromeliad is sold in stores and is occasionally found escaped. heart-of-flame View the herbarium specimen image from the University of.

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Commentary Post a Comment. Webarchive template wayback links Articles with ‘species’ microformats. Teeth to the wind, I say. The better to captivate you with. Home Print This Page. At the center of the spike is a bromelka torch-like inflorescence holding beautiful white and reddish-plum blooms.

The look is extraordinary and stunning!

Bromelia Flora of South America Plants described in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the best visual effect, plant in masses. Small, fragrant white and burgundy flowers will also appear in the center from late spring to early brpmelia.

Bromelia balamsae comes bzlansae us from Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay. With a name like Heart of Flame, expect nothing less than spectacular from this tropical plant! Bromelia balansae is definitely one of those plants you plant and leave alone to do its thing. This bromeliad is like a beautiful big bad wolf of sorts.


Remove dead or damaged leaves and flowers for new shoots to appear. Retrieved from ” https: This species is native to ArgentinaBrazilColombiaBoliviaand Paraguay where it grows at elevations of to 3, feet.

The better to bedazzle you with. Admire them from somewhere safe and afar. It grows as a rosette, reaching a diameter up to tall and wide, of long, stiff green leaves armed with some serious flesh cutting teeth.

Plant Profile: Heart of Flame (Bromelia Balansae)

What amazing flowers it has! I think in life its always good to appreciate these creatures. This large, tropical bbalansae is cultivated for its attractive dark green pineapple-like leaves, which emerge from a central stem.

Bromeliads The Colorful House Plants. It is a large terrestrial grows on on the ground with roots that gather water and nutrients from the soil bromeliad that likes growing in rocky soils.

Bromelia balansae – Wikipedia

Gardens will be exploding with vibrant colour and tantalizing textures! What deadly hooked teeth it has! They would be ideal as ground covers, borders, and accent plants. Heart of Flame can also be grown as an indoor plant. Be extra careful when pruning or transplanting, as the Heart of Flame has particularly sharp spines. This evergreen plant will grow to be about 2 feet in height, and can spread up to 5 feet across!


Heart of Flame Bromelia Balansae. Please note Java is different and is not required. Bromelias contain green leaves that grow 2—4 feet long with very sharp spines. It looks cool planted in a subtropical or cactus garden where its savage beauty can electrify the landscape and cause a scene.

Monday, February 11, There are a few things in nature that we have come to recognize as beautiful beyond imagination but also diabolically dangerous. Litton Balasae Publishing, Inc. Once established it is drought tolerant. Teeth to the wind. Heart of Flame is an easy-to-grow, extremely hardy garden plant that doesn’t require much care.

Please follow these instructions to enable it in your browser. As the plant matures, its foliage begins to blush in colors of electric orange deepening to fiery red. It can even withstand extended droughts and frosts!