Series of info graphics for brockhaus, a large encyclopedia publisher from germany. The info graphics visualize several statistics and. This seems like a really great book about infographics from Martin Oberhäuser – is the design studio of Martin Oberhäuser. Brockhaus Encyclopedia Infographics on Behance.

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Pericles with the Corinthian Helmet. Read the complete article for a detailed and comprehensive look at this unique approach to vizualization, storytelling and the process it takes to achieve successful and creative results, as explained with infgraphics examples and case studies.

Better Ways to Present Content. Create a Free Account. Trendy flat vector Tram sign icon on transparent background from traffic sign collection.

Brockhaus Encyclopedia Infographics

Please send me product announcements, helpful advice, and special promotions. Simple outline element vector illustration on white background. Greece Landmarks and cultural features flat banners design set. It’s been an eventful year for cartography.

Why should I brand my topic? Media Economy Report Vol. European landmarks and transports. Parthenon temple and the Acropolis hill in Athens, Greece. Interaction Design for Data Visualizations. What medium does the content best lend itself to? Watercolor Hand drawn architecture sketch illustration of Parthenon, Greece isolated on white. It’s very important busy work, as we learned this September when Apple reminded us not to take a good map for encyclopediw.

Stroke Pictogram Graphic for Web Design. Munich with aircraft sign icon and full font. This is a fab Bond-themed info graphic which uses icons from the films to present the data related to each of the Bond actors. Athens line art landscape. Already have an account?


If you decide to create your own, look around for examples- they range from infographis complex to those with a more minimalistic approach. Sign In We’re Sorry! Flat illustration for famous building.

Video infographics can be very eye-catching and useful for people. The latter has a greater impact on users rather than the first two since its changeable nature, at first place, attracts and wins users over The historic mine cart, track railway and old wooden wagon, trolley in Germany.

For example, we can name maps, various types of signs, train routs where we can find the use of such technique to show and explain the information in a very clear manner.

Railway crossing a three-lane sign. Mixed Skillsets Produce Great Infographics. Share Collections to anyone by email or to other Shutterstock users. Ink drawing of cityscape, perspective view. Several ideas and concepts of interaction design for data visualizations are presented in this post, using 11 examples from the web. Without having to read large amounts of text, the viewer can easily process the information that is being shared and is given the encyclopedja to explore a topic in a highly engaging way.

Travel destinations icon set with famous european landmarks and tourist attractions in line art design. The Temple of Artemis. European monuments and landmarks. Trendy modern flat linear vector Tram sign icon on infoggaphics background from thin line traffic sign collection, editable outline stroke vector illustration. Metro train vector sketches in black lines. We couldn’t load this image at the moment. Highly detailed road map of Germany with GPS pin pointers set.


Brockhaus Encyclopedia Infographics | Freebies | Designify

Modern line encyclopedua design. Scene street view, panorama illustration. Ancient Greek columns against a blue sky and sea. Vector road sign Germany. Not only an illustrated way, but a very creative, attractive and super-appealing way. Seamless Pattern Greece travel Doodle icons, elements Sea, sculpture.

De plus en plus, elles brpckhaus tournent vers l’infographie pour le faire. You can also switch to view results based on popularity or best match. Visit the complete article for numerous links, useful visuals and specific details on how to understand, implement and evaluate interactive design elements used in data visualization design.

Brockhaus Encyclopedia Infographics — Information is Beautiful Awards

Simply put, it means taking data, organizing it, and making it visually digestible by converting it into graphs, charts, maps, and visual stories. Hand drawn ink line sketch of ancient Athens, Acropolis,Parthenon, Greece. Andrews Cross, Vector road sign Germany. Brockhaus Horizonte Encyclopedia Infographics. Newer Post Older Post Home.