Köp Social Psychology of Consumer Behavior av Michaela Wanke på . Postawy i zmiana postaw. Michaela Wanke, Gerd Bohner. seems reasonable from a normative point of view (e.g. Bohner, Wanke , p. .. Bohner G., Wanke M., (), Postawy i zmiana postaw, Gdańsk, Gdańskie. Poznań: Zysk i S-ka. [Google Scholar]. Böhner, G., & Wanke, M. (). Postawy i zmiana postaw [Attitudes and attitude change]. Gdańsk: GWP. [Google Scholar].

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We examined GPs.

Social Psychology of Consumer Behavior

A relationship between the sense of coherence and seeing health as a process p Conclusions: German parents’ perception and implementation of allowances to educate children. Russell Sage Foundation Trachtman, R. Your Money or Your Life: Knowledge and attitudes of sports coaches with regard to doping and counteracting doping in sport. The importance and motivational content of money attitudes: Game reasoning and interactional morality.


Psychological Science, 1 2 Should economic psychology care about personality structure? Objects, decision considerations and self-image in men’s and women’s impulse purchases. Social Zmisna and Economic Behavior: When Goals Commit Versus Liberate. De Houwer, Conditioning as a Source of Liking: Young Consumers, 1, Who will take care of the caretaker? Public Personel Management, 28 1 The journal content is indexed in CrossCheckthe CrossRef initiative to prevent scholarly and professional plagiarism.

Money Attitudes and Personality.

Sense of coherence and health-related behaviour among university students — a questionnaire survey. Moral development of high school athletes. Journal of Economic Psychology, 18, Replicable types and subtypes of personality: Payments and Social Ties.

Różnice indywidualne jako determinanty postaw wobec pieniędzy

Organizational Research Methods, 3, The main sources of information for coaches were the Internet and television. Academic Athletic Journal, Spring, 43— View full o Get citation ENW.

The average age was Perceptual And Motor Skills, Etyka protestancka a zmian kapitalizmu. World Anti-Doping Code Physical-activity prescription for obesity management in primary care: European Psychologist, 5 3 Effects and Underlying Processes.


Journal of Managerial Psychology, 19 2 Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 83 6 Med Sci Monit ; Wprowadzenie do psychologii ekonomicznej.

Różnice indywidualne jako determinanty postaw wobec pieniędzy – Munich Personal RePEc Archive

European Advances in Consumer Research, 3, Journal of Organizational Behavior, 13, Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego im.

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Wernimont P, Fitzpatrick, S. Postawy i zmiana postaw Michaela Wanke, Gerd Bohner. Journals Books eBooks Events. Attitudes toward money as related to intrinsic and extrinsic job satisfaction, stress and work-related attitudes, Personality and Individual Differences, 19 3—