Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines [Karen Traviss] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Excellent, collector quality book in pristine. Bloodlines has ratings and reviews. Lisa said: After getting involved in the story in the book before, this book almost frustrated me enough to. Author Q&A. Interview with Karen Traviss author of Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines Question: Bloodlines is the second novel in the Legacy of the.

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Bloodlines (Star Wars novel) – Wikipedia

Jacen is doing more horrible things to the Corellian population every day. Oaren needed to know if Jacen would only treat him as an adult when it suited him, like his father did. There was also a recognition on his part that he has a “Sith Destiny,” which again, doesn’t mesh with his worldview.

One of the books that got me likeing Star Wars Novels. But at the same time Jacen’s crackdown on dissenters and trouble-makers on Coruscan This is book 2 of the series and as you can probably guess by the cover it features Boba Fett very prominently throughout in his own storyline.

He knew he had to say what he believed: Only people you love and trust can hurt you, and most of the characters find that out in spades.

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However, some of his actions just seemed a bit much his interrogation of Ailyn or bliodlines decision to deport or jaren Corellians, for examplegiven what we’ve already seen of him in novels past. Please help improve travids article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Centerpoint Station was a threat to everyone. This review is also posted on Amazon. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Meanwhile, Jacen is the head of the Galactic Alliance Guard, a task force created to get rid of Corellian terrorists who are protesting on Coruscant.

One of the fascinating things about the Legacy series so far is how it reveals the fault lines that have always existed in the relationships of the Solo and Skywalker families: We stand on a tipping point where we can choose chaos or order. I really do love the audio book implementations for Star Wars novels. Views Read Edit View history.


Ben picked it up and activated it, smiling at the next image of a rotating Centerpoint Station, which didn’t look quite so good in real life since he had helped sabotage it. Boba does find out about another clone who is supposedly still alive even though the clone is supposed to be years old because of rapid aging.

Also in Star Wars: It all seems utterly logical and inevitable to him—and, like all people who do terrible things, he has no sense of his own evil. It was as if the two men were having an argument without any of sign of it in their words or their voices. He couldn’t see the point of all that empty space. He put his fingers almost to his lips, a very discreet gesture; it wasn’t obvious to anyone else — anyone else in this case being only the aide at the desk outside Omas’s grand double doors — but Ben took the hint.

Star Wars Legends Fate of the Jedi. How everyone believed Jacen was turning to the dark side, but not doing anything about it. There aren’t really a lot of hard-core action scenes or space battles, but Traviss writes the characters and their various inner struggles so well that the lack of action that is normally present in Star Wars novels is hardly noticed.

You become that character for the time being. An explosion on Coruscant prompts Galactic Alliance action to search for Corellian terrorists on the GA capital planet. View all 6 comments. And now, Karen Traviss has turned the galaxy’s most feared bounty hunter into an emo papa’s boy. Bloodllnes the Paperback kaeen. Jacen continues to travel down the path to the Dark Side, now inserting himself in the government as leader of kwren Galactic Alliance Guard GAG for shortan elite force that specializes in raiding Corellian neighbourhoods, eliminating threats to the alliance in the form of the Corelliansand interrogating prisoners to an extreme, in Jacen’s case.

When Anakin Skywalker showed spates of immaturity and temper tantrums, we found it over-the-top and silly, but we accepted it because he had to become Darth Vader somehow.


Jacen Solo’s transformation continues to baffle me as well. Right then, he wanted to know what had really blooodlines to Brisha, the strange woman he hadn’t much liked on first sight, and the Jedi called Nelani, whom they had traveled with. You submitted the following rating and review.

Though I already know how this series ends, it’ll be interesting to relive the events that led up to it.

This book is for both genders as Star Wars is not restricted by gender. We learn more about Fett in this book than ever before. Legacy of the Force — Legends. That tells you not only a great deal about him, but also about the Mandalorians themselves.

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The character who kind of came out of nowhere to play a major role in Bloodlines was our old friend Blooxlines Fett, bounty hunter and Mandalorian.

And plenty of action, to boot. Coruscant was home to beings from almost every planet in the galaxy, and even when war seemed to be coming, they stayed here.

Jacen Solo followed in the ways of his grandfather, Darth Vader.

As a big fan of Boba Fett and the Mandalorians, I was pleased to see them play a large role in Bloodlines and hope that they will continue to have a place in the Bkoodlines of the Force series. Agents of Chaos, Boodlines II. Fett finds Taun We and takes her data without further incident to the Kaminoan scientist. A New Hope Episode V: With the exception of a brief guest appearance in the final New Jedi Order novel The Unifying Forceneither our favourite bounty hunter nor the Mandalorians have been present in the recent novels.


He could retire and enjoy his life, so why does he continue? Shaken by the deaths of two people in a raid, Ben begins to distrust Jacen’s teachings. They grew up, and the galaxy changed.