Depending on the methods of counting, as many as three hundred versions of the Indian epic . Unmatta-raghava of Bhaskara written around 14th century. The Kannassa Ramayanam written by Niranam Rama Panicker in the 16th century. Ramayana is an ancient Indian epic poem which narrates the struggle of the divine prince . 14th century), Krittibas Ojha’s Krittivasi Ramayan (also known as Shri Rama Panchali) in Bengali (c. 15th century), Sarala Das’ Vilanka Ramayana (c. Telugu selections from Bharatam and Bhaskara Ramayanam with commentary. Front Cover. Pi. Vi Sōmayāji. K. Subrahmanyam, – 70 pages.

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Rama, Lakshmana and Ravana are the eighth baladevavasudeva and prativasudeva respectively. Retellings include Kamban ‘s Ramavataram in Tamil c. The popular Indian author R. When Sita plunges into the sacrificial fire, Agni armayanam, lord of fire raises Sita, unharmed, to the throne, ramayanan to her innocence.

At the expiration of his term of exile, Rama returns to Ayodhya with Sita and Lakshmana, where the coronation is performed. During the 12th century, Kamban wrote Ramavataramknown popularly as Kambaramayanam in Tamil. The popularization of the Ramayana and its tale, originally written in Sanskrit Language was greatly enhanced by the work of Bhanubhakta. Some of them differ significantly from each other.

In Indonesia, the tales of the Ramayana appear reflected in ballet performances, masked danced drama, and Wayang shadow puppetry. Great book of classic Telugu literature. Bhaskara Ramayanam is one of the Classics of Telugu language with its grandeur,cartistic perfection and literary excellence. The Jain versions have some bhas,ara from Valmiki’s Ramayana.

Presenting the Famous Versions of Ramayana!

Changing thematic Idioms in Sanskrit and Tamil. It has also inspired much secondary literature in various languages, notably Kambaramayanam by Tamil poet Kambar of the 12th century, Telugu language Molla Ramayanam by poet Molla and Ranganatha Ramayanam by poet Gona Budda Reddy, 14th century Kannada poet Bhaslara ‘s Torave Ramayana and 15th century Bengali poet Krittibas Ojha ‘s Krittivasi Ramayanas well as the 16th century Awadhi version, Ramacharitamanasbhaskaar by Tulsidas.


Goldman differentiates two major regional revisions: Kaushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Aparajita’s son was Padma and he became known by the name of Rama. Guru Granth Sahib states:. Written by Bhoja Raja a Rajput king who ruled Malwa region in 11th century. The Crossroad Publishing Co. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Buck, William ; van Nooten, B.

Lava and Kusha sing the Ramayana in the presence of Rama and his damayanam audience. The southern search party under the leadership of Angada and Hanuman learns from a vulture named Sampati elder brother of Jatayuthat Sita was taken to Lanka. Below are a few of the most prominent Sanskrit versions of the Ramayana. Authority and meaning in Indian religions: India portal Indonesia portal Hinduism portal Hindu mythology portal Poetry portal Literature portal.

One is a spiritual Ramayana which is the actual subject of Guru Granth Sahib, in which Ravana is ego, Sita is budhi intellectRama is inner soul and Laxman is mann attention, mind. The joyous search party returns to Kishkindha with the news. It was written in ‘Champu’ style Poetic and Prose where required. In Indonesiathe Ramayana is a deeply ingrained aspect of the culture, especially among JavaneseBalinese and Sundanese people, and has become the source of moral and spiritual guidance as well as aesthetic expression and entertainment, for example in wayang and traditional dances [23].

Keshavadas, Sadguru Sant He encounters ramyanam mountain named Mainakudu who offers Lord Hanuman assistance and offers him rest. Arya, Ravi Prakash ed. Francisco and Nagasura Madale in On meeting Sita, Rakayanam asks her to undergo an Agni Pariksha test of fire to prove her chastity, as he wants to get rid of the rumors surrounding her purity. Furthermore, Sita takes renunciation as a Jain ascetic after Rama abandons her and is reborn in heaven.


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Ramayana – Wikipedia

This section does not cite any sources. Columbia University Press, the Macmillan Company, agents.

Ramayana has also been depicted in many paintings, most notably by the Malaysian artist Syed Thajudeen in Retrieved 6 January Bnaskara is the story ramayajam Rama and one can write, read and love it as many number of times as possible. After learning about Sita, Hanuman assumes a gargantuan form and makes a colossal leap across the sea to Lanka. There are many regional versions of Ramyanam, only few of which are rich in literature and gained the appraisal of common people to a large extent are mentioned here.

This Burmese version is also heavily influenced by Ramakien Thai version of Ramayana which resulted from various invasions by Konbaung Dynasty kings toward the Ayutthaya Kingdom. She then eloquently convinces Sugriva to honour his pledge.

Eventually, the war ends when Rama kills Ravana. Audible Download Audio Books. Ramayanwm Prime Music Stream millions of songs, ad-free. Archived from the original on 27 October According to Jain cosmologyevery half time cycle has nine sets of BalaramaVasudeva and prativasudeva.

Goldman of the University of California, Berkeley. Artist Vikas Goel and bnaskara Vijayendra Mohanty have created a ten-part comic series called Ravanayan that presents the story of Ramayana from Ravana’s perspective. There are also many versions of Ramayana outside India also.