Since the hardcover move, I’ve read only three Laurens books. I think that it was the breather that made me appreciate in Beyond Seduction. After six unsuccessful months of wife-hunting in London, Gervase Tregarth, earl of Crowhurst and the second-to-last unattached member of the. In a moment of recklessness, Gervase Tregarth, 6th Earl of Crowhurst, swears he’ ll marry the next eligible lady to cross his path. Cloistered at his ancestral castle.

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She glanced up at the sun.

Beyond Seduction

All three studied him, then Belinda asked, “What if you don’t meet a suitable lady over the next three months? Trying to raise your voice just makes for a bad comedy and is painful on the ears. Dan karakter heroin di cerita ini kurang lebih sama dengan cerita-cerita sebelumnya, independent alias wanita tangguh laurenss mandiri, wanita yang tidak mengandalkan pria dan akhirnya kepepet harus mengandalkan sang hero.

The only ones are available to come to Gervase’s aid or Christian and Dalziel. The plot is complex and has many twists. Aug 19, Melissa McHugh rated it really liked it.

Kasus penculikan Ben dan Edmond yg berkaitan dengan penemuan sebuah bros laurejs karun” yg ditemukan dan dihadiahkan oleh ke3 adiknya membuka mata Medeline kalau dirinya dan Gervase adalah pribadi yg saling membutuhkan dan menurut Dalziel mantan komandan Gervase kalau pelaku penculikan adalah sang pengkhianat terakhir yg selama ini diburu Dalziel dan bros temuan adalah salah satu alat pembayaran hasil pengkhianatan.

They just waited for him to speak, their gazes locked on him. Nearly six months had passed and he’d achieved precisely nothing. Time together shouldn’t be difficult to arrange. Published August 28th by Avon first published Some reason why, despite, of them all, having spent the most time in the ballrooms and being the most comfortable in that milieu, he seemed unable to summon any interest in any lady, not even in passing.


What did you like best about Beyond Seduction? There is also the chase to try and capture the final traitor that Dalziel has been after for so very long. Publisher’s Summary A little bit wild and undeniably brave, the gentlemen of the Bastion Club have pursued adventures far and wide. The tale of the traitor is continued and a new mysterious character is briefly introduced, one that I hope to see again.

I laughed so hard! It seems that the same formula continues in the 6th Bastion book. Mar 16, Kristy rated it liked it Shelves: They are equals to their men, something her heroes quickly realize and appreciate. I don’t understand how Stsphanie is so close to his sisters since he’s been a spy at war for basically their entire lives, but okay, fine.

Beyond Seduction (Audiobook) by Stephanie Laurens |

Before parting, he rewards her with a special kiss – a delicious, enticing, unforgettable kiss that makes her whole body shiver with desire. Trying to assimilate their unexpected and peculiarly female point of view was stdphanie Gervase giddy.

Although he hadn’t stipulated fortune, she was possessed of that as well, having inherited a sizeable sum from maternal relatives, and the Gascoignes were wealthy, so she’d doubtless be well-dowered, too. Any lady worth the title knows that gentlemen, once hooked, can be led by the nose if the lady is so minded.

I will get it out of the way early in this review and mention again how much I like Dalziel ; He played a nice-sized part in this story, and I enjoyed seeing how he worked alongside Gervase and Christian, and Charles too.

His bargain with his sisters didn’t worry him; he knew beyond doubt that there simply wasn’t any suitable lady anywhere in the vicinity. Doch als begehrenswerte Frau hat er sie bis dato nicht wahrgenommen. His next steps didn’t seem too onerous. Not any answer he wanted to give. They’d found the blades, which for ease of replacement simply slotted into grooves in the wheel’s inner sides, tucked out of sight among some bushes.


So much so that as of a day ago, there were only two of the original seven club members still unwed. His sisters’ latest misdeed righted, he’d returned to the castle and had closeted himself in the library until dinnertime. She was obviously reciting arguments they’d discussed at length; just the thought was horrifying. Indeed, the entire subject of his wife – or more specifically his lack of same – had become a sore point, a mental bruise that throbbed every time he thought of it.

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Gervase almost immediately decides that Madeline is the one for him but she doesn’t agree. All of Crossley’s females sound like Monty Neyond interpretations of women, and he has an irritating habit of raising his voice near the end of a sentence.

For fans of the series, it is pleasant to see old friends. Steven Crossley does a great job of differentiating the characters and adding to their depth. Then a treasure hunt and a spy get in the way, and it all goes on from there. Sees heroine who is totally not interested. All three girls straightened.

It dragged and could have been stepbanie The story had too much sex in it and the story dragged. I really liked how he had his eyes opened thanks to his sisters’ interference and how he came to see Madeline differently. The Lady Chosen Stephanie Laurens.