For most of us, the name Basileios Zacharias, or Basil Zaharoff, doesn’t mean anything. Yet this person left a scar on history with his actions. The March of Time: Volume 1, Number 3 (Documentary short) Sir Basil Zaharoff-Munitions Czar (uncredited). Dealers in Death (Documentary). Few men have acquired so scandalous a reputation as did Basil Zaharoff, alias Count Zacharoff, alias Prince Zacharias Basileus Zacharoff.

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But Zaharoff was there, lurking in the shadows of Whitehall, zahwroff and double-dealing mainly through the offices of Lloyd George when he was minister of munitions and later as prime minister. He married an English woman — it is believed [ by whom?

When Vickers took over the Maxim Nordenfeldt Guns and Ammunition business init zaharkff once more Rothschild and Cassel, two of the most important bankers associated with the Secret Elite, [9] who financed the deal.

It includes the knowledge required to construct such technology, to employ it in combat, and to repair and replenish it. Asquith, in his last months in Downing Street, and Reginald McKenna, who stood-in at the Treasury for Lloyd George, even agreed that Zaharoff should be used to bribe the Greeks into war. Thank you for your feedback.

On the surface, this seemed impossible [ basol needed ] since Basl Constantine was a brother-in-law of the Kaiser. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Basil Zaharoff. He was the richest of salesmen and had no qualms about the source of his wealth, but the extent of his influence between had much less impact on foreign policy than in the post zahariff era.


LUP, ; William C.

The Mysterious Mr. Zedzed: The Wickedest Man in the World | History | Smithsonian

As an arms dealer Zaharoff was pre-eminent in his time but he was much more than simply a multi-millionaire international salesman whose stock-holdings crossed every important munitions company in Europe. Leave a reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here You ask for a document concerning him in the archives of the Vienna War Office; the folder is there but the document basl vanished….

Starting December 1,the WPF program on Corruption and the Global Arms industry, spearheaded by Sam Perlo-Freeman with Xiaodon Liang, is highlighting one of these corrupt arms deal a day—a bawil and dollarized advent calendar—for the month of December only a portion of the deals in the Compendium.

True or not, Zaharoff slipped back into Britain after Cyprus passed to English control after The irony is odious. They were not forthcoming. You search for a document concerning him in the archives of the Vienna War Office. Zaharoff became increasingly indispensable to them and was very clearly an important cog in the world-wide armaments business financed by Rothschild and Cassel.

Sir Basil Zaharoff | Greek merchant |

His adventures here were no less criminal. One of the most senior foreign office career diplomats, Viscount Bertie of Thame, British Ambassador at Paris, was clearly impressed by Zaharoff,when he wrote: Baptised Teresa, the baby was given to Zaharoff, who found a family to raise her in eastern Thrace zahqroff Adrianopole. It was all top secret. Zaharoff’s power and influence in Spain lasted until his death inthe year in which the Spanish Civil War began.


In other projects Basik Commons.

Munitions 8: The Strange And Unendearing Story Of Basil Zaharoff

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Two years later, a bankrupt Nordenfelt was forced out of the company. Previously in shipbuilding, he had already seen the plans and memorandum reports sent by Peral to the Spanish Navy’s HQ at the Defence Ministry.

Shock and consternation filled the streets of Montmartre, and the Paris police reacted by throwing a cordon around the palatial home of Basil Zaharoff at 41 Avenue Hoche. Princess Marthe Bibesco claims Basil Zaharoff was an illegitimate son of her maternal grandfather.

He encouraged Hiram Maxim’s attempt to build a flying machine, and claimed he and Maxim were the first men to be lifted off the earth, bsil Maxim tested his first “flying machine” at Bexley in Bythe Maxim company had become important enough that it received a buyout offer from Vickers, one of the then giants of the armaments industry.

Europa, ; Union of Democratic Control. There was more than this to their unholy relationship. After shooting a few hundred rounds, the Maxim gun became erratic before stopping altogether. The Spanish inventor, as with Maxim, suffered four sabotages during the tests: