AUCTeX is an extensible package for writing and formatting TeX files in GNU Emacs and 4 See Also; 5 Project Pages; 6 Tutorial Pages. In this post, I’ll outline how to get started with emacs. There are plenty of tutorials out there, but I’d say that the best way to learn is just to jump in. This tutorial takes you through the process of creating a document in LaTeX, a powerful open source typesetting system, using GNU Emacs.

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But as I understood and got used to the commands for handling buffers, such as C-x b for switching between buffers, I was impressed by its efficiency. Longborough You can retroactively add a bounty.

You can enable it locally by typing M-x font-lock-mode RET. You do not have to know Lisp to configure Emacs although you will benefit from knowing some. Initial setup of emacs, including Also, there is a tuyorial mode for.

AUCTeX aauctex a powerful program offering many features and configuration options. Emacs has good tools for spelling. If applicable, you will be asked whether you want to save changes, and which program you want to invoke.

3. Quick Start

Take your time and follow the tutorial from beginning to end. It soon become very time saving not to have to auctwx these by hand. Similar to C-lwhich centers the buffer you are in around your current position, C-c C-l centers the output buffer so that the last lines added at the bottom become visible.

It even can differentiate between mandatory and optional arguments—for details, see Completion. I also have some first steps for a general macro for finding matching or [] plus their scalers, including an interface for changing these.

Use your old editor in parallel to begin with. I have commented it heavily so that it is easier to understand what it does. Not to start a flamewar or anything, but if you have “failed” using emacs for five times already, wouldn’t it be smarter to move on to another editor, say vim? That is the river delta at which I also started my journey around the Emacs mountain.


For compilation and preview, I have not had a lot of success using the built-in preview functionality on a Windows machine. AUCTeX provides convenient keyboard shortcuts for inserting macros which specify the font to be used for typesetting certain parts of the text.

First, although AUCTeX is really good in detecting the standard situations when an additional latex run is necessary, it cannot detect it always. You will be asked for aucrex section level.

Yes, I can see that. To change do M-x ispell-change-dictionary RET. I write the regexp string a little funny, so that I can read the regexp auftex. The important thing is that you take time to get used to Emacs and try to learn new things every now and then.

Roughly, work with LaTeX files can be classified as either writing or compiling. When searching whether I should give emacs a try, I was convinced by “You can even play tetris in Emacs M-x tetris ” on the tour page gnu.

The second line is so that when I inverse search from the PDF, Emacs will jump to the line in the current code buffer rather than trying to open a new instance of Emacs every time you inverse search. And, of course, I love a challenge like that “as a moth to a flame”. It will run latex only on the current buffer, using the preamble from the master file.

I use Flyspell when I need to check spelling but I keep it off while writing to avoid distraction. If there is some configuration you do not like you can just remove the relevant lines or comment them to deactivate them.

The relevant portions of my. If there is a syntactical error in your file, latex will not complete successfully. With point at the end of a partially written macro, you can complete it by typing M-TAB.

When AUCTeX runs a program, it creates an output buffer in which it displays the output of the command. Finally, the chat might be a good place for venting your Emacs related frustration or euphoria.

Check out Tuforial up RefTeX with biblatex citation commands for configuration. Most of my other tips and tricks have been covered by N. On the Stack Exchange network this site is good for TeX related Emacs issues but sometimes you are better off asking at Stack Overflow where more Emacs gurus are hanging out.


An additional help for inserting macros is provided by the possibility to complete macros right in the buffer. First you need to get comfortable with the basics of Emacs and probably this is what will be your main frustration. PDF XChange Among the questions and uncertainties I should like to see addressed some of which, I accept, may not be directly on-topic — links may be more suitable in these cases are these: Know that once you get past the culture shock and learn the basics you will enjoy Emacs.

If you want to check how some part of your text looks like, and do not want to wait until the whole document has been typeset, then mark it as a region and use C-c C-r.

I have never used memoir so I do not know if there is some particular Emacs gadget to help with it.

AUCTeX Quick Start

I would also add that Org-mode is a wonderful tool and has a lot of features outside of LaTeX integration. This document was generated by Aidan Kehoe on December 27, using texi2html 1. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms zuctex serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that tutotial continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

But there will still be a lot of things to be done by hand. Next, you will be asked for the printed title of the section, and last you will be asked for a label to tutoriwl associated with the section. You can do this by inserting. At this place, a warning needs to be given: It just struck me that there may be more people than just me thinking “I’d like to use emacs, but I’m frightened”, and that this might be the way to help them.

Apr 12 ’12 at These you learn by practice.