An ARRL Numbered Radiogram is a brevity code used in composing ARRL Radiograms during times of radio congestion. The code is used to transmit standard. ARRL Message Forms. Click on any section of this Message Form for information on how to use it. ARRL Radiogram. GENERAL. Follows a description of the. ARRL RADIOGRAM. A How To. EmComm East By John KB2SCS kb2scs @ With excerpts from the. W3YVQ.v/02 PSCM APP.-B NTS.

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The letter X is used as a period but never after the last group of the text and counts as a word when figuring the Check.

Amateur Radio – ARRL Message Form Instructions – RADIOGRAM

That was pretty embarrassing. This is whatever number the originating station chooses.

Numbers are usually begun with 1 at the start of a year or month at the pleasure of the radioram station. Date message was originated ex: Please support our generous sponsors who make AmateurRadio.

Submit an article and we will review it for publication on AmateurRadio. Delivering a radiogram is even easier. The check is the number of word “groups” in the text of the message and must be used on all messages.

Need accurate information on the extent and type of conditions now rradiogram at your location.


Each Radio Amateur is the judge of what is commercial and what is not. HXA Followed by a number Collect landline delivery authorized by the by addressee within Assigned by the Station of Origin and never changed. This is for the handling station to write down whom they received the message from. Time and date must agree, that is be related to the same time zone. rxdiogram

The number of words in the text of your message. Do not sayPlease use wording of December, two, zero Example: That was a sporadic effort, though, sometimes feast and sometimes famine. I finally did it. REACT communications services also available.

ARRL Numbered Radiogram

This I use for keeping record of when I delivered the radiogram. Views Read Edit View history. This traffic will be handle first and immediately. To learn more, click here. This assigns full sentences to each of 48 different numbers, which are spelled out in arrk message and preceded by the procedure word “ARL”. This page was last edited on 13 Julyat Amateur radio in the United States. D Station of Origin. R, W, P, E.

Addresses for the signing party are optionally included upon request on subsequent lines, exactly as done in the address section, but arr, included only if important to the originator, message purpose, or replying. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Radioyram contains clerical information, such as the date and urgency. NR 1 Leading zeros is not recommended. The year is NOT raidogram. Use 24 hour format followed by an indicator of the time zone, e. Ham College 48 Christmas morning surprise!!! No one asked me to repeat anything during the breaks. HXE Delivering station get a reply from the addressee, and originate a message back. Instead of counting every word, you can just count by fives for every row that is full.


Words in the address or signature are NOT counted. Find out what is rasiogram by consulting an operator in that system before accepting the message so that you are prepared to ask for what is needed. This is called the preamble click on text in each box to see what information goes there.

The date the message was filed If Time Filed is used, date and time must agree. The exercise director makes up the messages that will be passed. Letter s used to indicate the precedence of the message, and must be on all messages.

Here are a few notes on this part of the radiogram: This is the date the message was originated. Readers are invited to contact the author via e-mail. HX B Followed by a number Cancel message if not delivered within