Arbitration Act, [Repealed] Complete Act – Bare Act Central Government. Year, Repealing Act1 – ARBITRATION AND CONCILIATION ACT, THE ARBITRATION ACT in India Bare Acts, Banking and Insurance, Business and Corporate, Constitutional, Consumer Laws, Criminal Law, Energy, . Arbitration and Conciliation Act Indian Bare Acts at and Conciliation Act, and section 34 of the Arbitration Act, is different.

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Failure to follow the agreed procedure or the procedure prescribed by the Arbigration is a procedural misconduct. The leader of consortium S had already approached the High Court of Delhi as such according to section 42, all subsequent applications arising out of the arbitration agreement and arbitral proceedings shall have to be made in the High Court of Delhi and no other Court had jurisdiction to entertain such applications.

In order to facilitate the conduct of the conciliation proceedings, the parties, or the conciliator with the consent of the parties, may arrange for administrative assistance by a suitable institution anr person.

The right to file an application under section 34 to set aside an award is statutory and the same is unconditional and unqualified; The Supdtg.

The arbitrator is competent to decide the objection on its own jurisdiction whether appointed as per the terms of the agreement within the provisions of section or appointed under the provisions of section 11; State of Jharkhand v. Act after registration of appln.

Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996

Court is required to record its satisfaction that a foreign award is enforceable. Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere in this Part or in any other law for the time being in force, where with respect to an arbitration agreement any application under this Part has been made in a Court, that Court alone shall have jurisdiction over the arbitral proceedings and all subsequent applications arising out of that agreement and the arbitral proceedings shall be made in that Court and in no other Court.

When the arbitrator, having been invested with the jurisdiction to decide the arbitrability of certain claims has committed error of jurisdiction in not considering the arbitrability of the claims and passed a non-speaking award granting certain lump sum amount, it is difficult to give acceptance to the award made by the umpire; Tamil Nadu Electricity Board v.

When signing, ratifying or acceding to this Convention, or notifying extension under article Arbihration hereof, any State may on the basis of reciprocity declare that it will apply the Convention to the recognition and enforcement of awards made only in the territory of another Contracting State.

Denunciation shall be effected by a notification addressed to the Secretary-General of the League, who will immediately transmit copies of such notification to all the other Signatory States and inform them of the date on which it was received. In view of the term in the arbitration agreement that the two arbitrators would appoint an umpire, the requirement of section 10 1 was satisfied.


In order to assure proper conduct of proceeding, the law allows certain remedies against an award. If a party to arbitration is not capable of looking after his own interests, and he is not represented by a person who can protect his interests, the award will not be binding on him and may be set aside on his application.


Thereafter, it shall take effect, in the case of each High Contracting Party, three months after the deposit of the ratification on its behalf with the Secretary-General of the League of Nations. Such reference shall not prejudice the competence of the judicial tribunals in case the agreement or the arbitration cannot proceed or becomes inoperative.

Therefore, these two respective provisions of different Acts have no application to deprive the party of the legitimate right to invoke section 8 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act to have the matter relating to the disputes referred to arbitration, in terms of the arbitration agreement; Kalpana Kothari v.

There is no power with the court to remit the matter back to Arbitrator after setting aside of the award. If a minor or a person of unsound mind is a party he must be properly represented by a proper guardian otherwise the award would be liable to be set aside. Any State which has made a declaration or notification under article X may, at any time thereafter, by notification to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, declare that this Convention shall cease to extend to the territory concerned one year after the date of the receipt of the notification by the Secretary-General.

They will take effect one month after the notification by the Secretary-General to all Signatory States. The arbitral award is enforceable in the same manner as a decree of a law court. The existence of the arbitration clause and the validity of reference shall only be decided by the Arbitrator.

It shall also apply to arbitral awards not considered as domestic awards in the State where their recognition and enforcement are sought. Came into force on vide G. The award is avoided and the matter becomes open for decision again. The translation shall be certified by an official or sworn translator or by a diplomatic or consular agent.

Such proposals need not be in writing and need not be accompanied by a statement of the reasons therefor. With respect to those territories to which this Convention is not extended at the time of signature, ratification or accession, each State concerned shall consider the possibility of taking the necessary steps in order to extend the application of this Convention to such territories, subject, where necessary for constitutional reasons, to the consent of the Governments of such territories.

Arbitration Act, | Bare Acts | Law Library | AdvocateKhoj

Power of Judicial Authority to refer parties to Arbitration. Section38 – Disputes as to arbitrators remuneration or costs. Satyam Computer Service Ltd [xv], it was held that an award could be set aside if it is contrary to fundamental policy of Indian law, or the interest of India, or justice or morality, or it is patently illegal.


As every one understand that any thing civil means high level torture. The parties shall in good faith co-operate with the conciliator and, in particular, shall endeavour to comply with requests by the conciliator to submit written materials, provide evidence and attend meetings.

Notwithstanding anything contained in Part I or in the Code of Civil Procedure, 5 ofa judicial authority, on being seized of a dispute regarding a contract made between persons to whom section 53 applies and including an arbitration agreement, whether referring to present or future differences, which is valid under that section and capable of being carried into effect, shall refer the parties on the application of either of them or any person claiming through or under him to the decision of the arbitrators and such reference shall not prejudice the competence of the judicial authority in case the agreement or the arbitration cannot proceed or becomes inoperative.

If an application is filed before actually filing the first statement on the substance of the dispute, the party cannot be said to have waived his right or acquiesced himself to the jurisdiction of the court; Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd. In Vijay Kumar v.

Section 34 provides that an arbitral award may be set aside by a court on certain grounds specified therein. If the said award or agreement is not made in an official language of the country in which the award is relied upon, the party applying for recognition and enforcement of the award shall produce a translation of these documents into such language.

If there is no such agreement then it should be in accordance with the procedure prescribed in Part 1 of the Act.

Section34 – Power to stay legal proceeding where there is an arbitration agreement. Provided further that where the other party also does not pay the aforesaid share in respect of the claim or the counter-claim, the arbitral tribunal may suspend or terminate the arbitral proceedings in respect of such claim or counter-claim, as the case may be. Conditions for enforcement of Foreign Awards. Application for setting aside Arbitral Award.

Where the Court is satisfied that the foreign award is enforceable under this Chapter, the award shall be deemed to be a decree of the Court. In National Aluminum Co Ltd v. Each party shall send a copy of such statement to the other party.