The Analects by Confucius, part of the Internet Classics Archive. quotes from The Analects: ‘The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.’. One of the most influential books of all time, The Analects of Confucius collects the sayings and wisdom of the Chinese philosopher and his followers.

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The Internet Classics Archive | The Analects by Confucius

But there is Heaven;-that knows me! After the ruler died, all of the officials took orders from the Minister of State for three years. When old friends are not neglected by them, the people are preserved from meanness. It is believed that Confucius selected from more than 3, pieces and edited them into a book to be used for education.

It is from Yu that I have learned to make this change. If you do not understand words, there is no way for wnalect to understand people. How could Zhongni Confucius be more worthy than you? What will you consider the first thing to aalect done?

When he is strong and the physical powers are full of vigor, he guards against quarrelsomeness. The noble man is concerned about following the Way, and is not concerned about avoiding poverty. He will even sacrifice himself to consummate his humaneness. With a single bamboo bowl of rice and gourd-cup of water he lived in a back alley.

I have only heard these two things. The result is a map of Confucian thought that brings us as close as confucihs to experiencing Confucius as his followers might have 2, years ago. Afterwards, if it is pure, clear and without break, it will be perfect. He can be deceived, but not to the point of serious loss!


If you suffer first and then attain it, it can be called ren. When I am guilty of a confuciuw, I will not blame it on all the people, and they are at fault, I will take responsibility myself. Thinking cannot compare with studying. The inferior man is arrogant and lacks self-confidence. In his private conduct he was courteous; in serving superiors he was respectful; in providing for the people he was kind; in dealing confuciuus the people he was just.

Confuciis would not eat food that that had a bad color or smell; he would not eat food that that was not cooked to the proper level, or which was out of season; nor would he eat food that was not properly sliced, or did not come with the appropriate condiments.

A town in Wei, captured by the Jin. When bad government prevails in the empire, ceremonies, music, and punitive military expeditions proceed from the princes.

The Analects

The three families used the Yungode, while the vessels were being removed, at the conclusion of the sacrifice. The noble man venerates the worthy but accepts everyone. If you are sincere, people will repose trust in you.

Someone begged vinegar from him, and he went and got some from his neighbors and gave it to him. When he makes a mistake, he doesn’t hesitate to correct it. When the he would adjust his mat, first taste it, and then give it away to others. After doing this, if he has energy to spare, he contucius study literature and the arts. Advance the crooked and set aside the upright, then the people will not submit.


The Analects Quotes by Confucius

In moments of haste he acts according to it. Desire to have things done quickly prevents their being done thoroughly.

The disciple Min was standing by his side, looking bland and precise; Tsze-lu, looking bold and soldierly; Zan Yu and Tsze-kung, with a free and straightforward manner. It is the process of manifesting one’s ren by developing oneself in self-reflection through the various types of human relationships. Why must you think of going to see Kung-shan?

If he doesn’t trust them, he will take their criticism as backstabbing. Arguing for the ultimate compatibility of Daoist and Confucian teachings, he argued that “Laozi [in fact] was in agreement with the Sage” sic.

According to the ritual of China, sacrifice could only be offered to those mountains by the sovereign, and by the princes in whose States any of them happened to be.

The writer of this chapter was critical of Confucius. When these things are initiated by the nobles, the ruling house will usually lose its power within ten generations. He hates those who advertise the faults of others. He sacrificed to the dead, as if they were present.

How it filled my ears!