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The 28 texting acronyms every parent should know

December 9, at 8: Although im not a teenager anymore, im 22 ive got 2 teenage sisters ameh 3 teenage brothers. We are all pretty close and not one of them has heard of these.

Sara Ling And thot from vine. You are so right. At best this article gives one good point…. We all did it. The media is ridiculous. December 8, at 8: But how, on earth, is a parent to keep up with all these acronyms, especially since new ones are being introduced every day? And remember you were a sneaky teen to Theresa. Acronyms are widely popular across the Internet, especially on social media and texting apps, because, in some cases, they offer a shorthand for communication that is meant to be instant.


December 9, at Still, if parents come across any acronyms they believe could be problematic, they should talk with their kids about them, said Greer. She is a mom of two girls. Franklin as a teenager I can testify that I have never used any of these words or acronyms. I dont know what they are either.

December 10, at 5: Your kids are reading this and LOL at you. This is hilarious because I am a 17 year old girl and myslef and my whole 1st ajen and 5th periods dtd not heard of any of these except for everyone knows Terrell Monger You are so right. I hope you recognize the severity of racist thinking not only embedded in that comment, but in the way it seems your brain works.

Alexander Oaks Believe what you want but these are never used… How would you know anyways? Well Theresa I have something to say to you. A few I recognize…most I dont.

She says research shows amdn a majority of teens believe that their parents are starting to keep tabs on their online and social media lives. Read our latest articles, watch live streaming newscasts, customize your news alerts and much more! How did they manage it without communicating?

But parents would drive themselves crazy, she said, if they tried to decode every text, email and post they see their teen sending or receiving. Barely any of these actually come from a,en. Sorry parents, if your looking to decode your teen then look onward.


December 9, at 1: This article is a fake, deploying an excellent hook to make you read it.

DTF Defend/Proclaim the Faith: Prayer Needs April

December 9, at 3: Talking about it maen them is the best first step you can make. December 8, at 2: This article is a joke, if parents actually smother their child enough to force them to use these then they are better off in Auschwitz. But back to the serious issue at hand, below are 28 Internet acronyms learned from concerned parents as well as from sites such as NoSlang.

December 8, at Kids were hooking up 30 years ago. And I learned that from vine. December dtr, at 6: And even that one is a stretch.

Some of them are legit, and obvious. Honestly look through any realistic conversation between two teenagers over text and you will not find any of these used, except for thot. December 9, at 9: December 20, at December 11, at 3: Ashley Ann This article is the most moronic thing I have ever read. They were exchanging pics, too.