BONDERITE® M-CR S AERO (ALODINE S) is a brown, metal pre- treatment powdered chemical used to produce a protective coating on aluminum . Alodine* S is a powdered chemical, used for producing paint bonding, corrosion resisting coatings on aluminium and its alloys by either spray or dip. ALODINE S is a powdered chemical used to produce a protective coating on aluminum which minimizes corrosion and provides an improved bond for paint.

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Shop for Henkel Alodine S Conversion Coating at SkyGeek to get the best price possible on the versatile and effective metal coating. But please note that these solutions are based on chromic acid toxic and carcinogenic “hexavalent chromium”.

Alodine 1201 versus Alodine 1200S

HCl – 1 – Thermometer, Floating – 1. Please contact us at webmaster matweb. Testing and Control Never pipet by mouth, use a pipet filler. As a bath it can be controlled like Alodine S.

The processing bath contains chromic acid in excess of 0. Hi Can anyone tell me which company produces Alodine See also letter for some recent input. Fill the tank about three-fourths full with cold water for each gallons of final solution volume add 6.


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Keep containers closed when not in use. Will this Alodine or color pot metal, such as a carburetor? Available Properties Processing Temperature.

Henkel BONDERITE M-CR 1200S Aero Chromate Coating

Regards, Ted Mooney, P. From beautiful Pine Beach New Jersey: Need to contact their agent here in Malaysia. The optimum pH for this bath is between 1. When carrier USPS is selected, we cannot guarantee this option.

Again, EPDM may be used, but its life will be shorter. Alodine S coating chemical, listed on Qualified Product List QPL, is an approved material to produce Class 1A and Class 3 coatings, bare or painted, in accordance with military specifications. Click here to view all the property values for this datasheet as they were originally entered into MatWeb.

Part Number Size 2 oz Bottle.

The pH of the bath is too low for the concentration selected. Subscribe to Premium Services Searches: Alodine S comes in a variety of container sizes and quantity pricing may be available. Our representative can recommend the correct deoxidizer to be used. Thank you for Requesting a Quote. As a conversion coating, Alodine S ranges in color from tan to light iridescent gold.

Overexposure may create cancer risk.

Your local sales representative should be consulted for information on Henkel Technologies automatic process control equipment for this process and any additional questions.


In terms of U. Part Number Size 5 Gallon Pail.

Henkel Alodine S | Krayden

If not tied into a specification such as the above, it can be diluted 1 part: Incomplete forms will not be accepted by SPOT. Alodine S is a powdered chemical used to produce a protective coating on aluminum to minimize corrosion and provide an improved bond for paint. Users requiring more precise data for scientific or engineering calculations can click on the property value to see the original value as well as raw conversions to equivalent units.

Part Number Size 8 oz Bottle. Part Number Alldine 10 lb Can. I’ve decided to go ahead and just paint them vs just a clear finish and I’ve heard that it’s hard to get paint to adhere to Aluminum surfaces. Multi-Line Order cart view cart. The AL S can be used anywhere AL is used, but for large amounts of touch-up work or if handling of a 100s is preferred, AL is more convenient.

You can find them on aldine web.