Good evening, dear ladies and gentlemen. 20 years ago on July 11, the most severe war crime since the 2nd World War is said to have. Alexander Dorin book about Srebrenica events. Srebrenica — The History of Salon Racism. “In the West, the popular mythology about. The trial of Radovan Karadzic in The Hague, which has been stalled by the former Bosnian Serb leader’s refusal to show up in court, is likely to be used by the.

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The Finnish experts were very cagey about releasing their report, and stories abound regarding the political pressure that was put on these experts right up to the date on which they announced their findings. Why is the United States suddenly withdrawing from Syria? The doors alexabder his house were broken and everything was blown apart and smashed. Direct link to this play-position: Here, see it for yourself: And with good reason. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Direct link to this broadcast.


It was a CIA front. For one of the themes which inadvertently runs through his book is that there is a thin dividing line between journalists and spooks. Voltaire Network related articles. Marshall writes that the date for the war — spring — was not only set in late Decemberbut that the date was also communicated to the KLA at the time, which is further circumstantial evidence to suggest that Srberenica was staged.

The Srebrenica-massacre and the arrest of Alexander Dorin Good evening, alxeander ladies and gentlemen. As the New York Times 4 April reported:.


Our editorial board, whose occasional collaborator is Alexander Dorin, received last month srebrwnica him a text with a request to publish it on our website in foreign languages. In Julyas the town was being taken over by the Serb forces, some 2, Muslim men lost their lives — not 8, as the Bosnian Muslim propaganda machinery claims, with the backing of certain Western politicians and media.

– Die anderen Nachrichten

Quite how the Yugoslavs could allow 2, highly trained secret service agents to roam around their territory is difficult to understand, especially since, as Marshall shows, they knew perfectly well what was going on. Diese Website verwendet Cookies. And here is what we found out:. Article licensed under Creative Commons. This site uses cookies.

After many years of investigating the war alexandee in and around Srebrenica, I have reached a doein conclusion that there was no genocide.

But this never happened. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Srebrenica — Neither Massacre, Nor Genocide

Just like the Nazis, the US imperialists subjugated the country by using the Islamic-Catholic axis, and the lie ruled right from the start: According to Dorin these were mainly those who had fallen in a fight —not victims from a massacre. Tomo Alexandee 26, Thanks for your comment, it will be visible after moderation.

In reality, the government knows that and bias exists in everything to alwxander the least Alexander Dorin: Television news functions even more extremely ideologically at these times, in practice usually abandoning any pretence of objectivity and acting simply as the mouthpiece of the state, though trying to preserve a facade of independence. Only rarely is real dissent possible in such crises in mainstream newspapers and never on television.

In springthe remains of Yugoslavia was bombed for eleven weeks by NATO, and then the historical and religious core of Serbia, the Amselfeld “Kosovo”was amputated, occupied and, in violation of the relevant UN stipulations, which guaranteed the territorial integrity of the rump of Yugoslavia, ssrebrenica into independence”.


Since the fall of Srebrenica not more than death cases are said to having occurred.

As a counter-voice we showed a 23 minute long interview by the freelance publicist Alexander Dorin. I am sure that you all have read our FB Feuilleton that I had written about him and about his research on Wlexander events.

According to Dorin the former Muslim sreebrenica chief was reported to have stated this in several interviews. These policies are helping to make the world more insecure, unequal and abusive of human rights. We have done it, because it was very important he was publicly threatened because of the truth about Srebrenica.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The only way the USA would be able to intervene was if the Serbians invaded Srebrenica and killed at least people. Dorin on this occasion and he was really pleased to be able to contribute to the truth on Srebrenica events. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Trage deine Daten unten alexnder oder klicke ein Icon um dich einzuloggen: A spokesman for the Swiss Justice Ministry, Folco Gallisaid that Dorin was arrested by order of the Ministry of Justice office, but that does not mean that he may not be arrested srebrenicq other reasons, or in another investigation of Swiss government bodies.