The Folding Star: A Novel [Alan Hollinghurst] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Edward Manners – thirty-three, disaffected, in search of a. The Folding Star [Alan Hollinghurst] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Booker Prize finalist finally back in print. ‘An extraordinary book which takes the reader into a world of obsession and mystery The Folding Star is lit by insight and humour’ Evening Standard.

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Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Foldding for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. The Folding Star by Alan Hollinghurst. In self-imposed exile in an ancient Flemish city, an embittered year-old language tutor, Edward Manners, falls in love with his alluring year-old pupil, Luc Altidore.

As Edward pursues the elusive object of his infatuation–and plunges into affairs with two other men–this book interweaves past and present, history and memory, into a tapestry of unfulfillable desire. Paperbackpages. To see what hollingyurst friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Folding Starplease sign up. This is a comment not a question. I got to page 30 with partial skimming – Hlllinghurst found in those pages nothing insightful or humorous or of value; with no desire to aalan more I am not in a position to review it.

It’s going to the Op Shop. It does not kick in till later when you get past the protagonists characteristic arch preciousness and isolating criticism.

See 1 question about The Folding Star…. Lists with This Book. May 01, Fabian hollnghurst it really liked it. Boy, am I enchanted with this elusive Mr.

I got the original U. Yes, this is the least best in his enviable oeuvre—but it happens to have the Boy, am I enchanted with this elusive Mr. Yes, this is the least best in his enviable oeuvre—but it happens to have the raunchiest scenes, the most explicit, the most inciting!!!

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Always extraordinary in their originality and always wicked fun. View all 6 comments. With this, Alan Hollinghurst becomes my favorite living novelist. Martin Amis and Edmund White do not evoke this feeling any longer, though I love them; Updike did, if in his last decade only journalistically.

He can trace the poetic contour of any foldijg, action or situation.

His descriptions do justice to a sleepy Flemish museum: Absurd, but I wanted a greeting, even across five hundred years. Here everyone looked down or away, in gestures of reproachful purity. The pious, unflattering portraits, too, of capped and wimpled worthies, were proudly abstinent. They drew respectful crowds of Sunday couples in rustling waterproofs the day had made an uncertain start. The organist was wittering on through his formless and infinitely extendable introit, music that had never been written down, mere sour flding to fill the time, varied now and then by a yawning change of registration like a false alert.

His hand flickered up against my chest to stay me or slow me. His chest, his face, hollinhhurst smeared with sweat, but it was mine: The narrator, Edward, is a thirtysomething Englishman giving private English lessons in a secretive and sleepy Belgian town.

He has a great way of suddenly taking up, in a significant handful, all the themes coursing through the book.

The Folding Star

Even his gorgeous patches are set-pieces that spread over several pages. I turned back and saw the tiny top windows of the tower colour in the early sun, as though lanterns burnt in them. Hollinghurst is capable of motions whose replete stateliness put me in mind not only of Nabokov, but, at times, of Browne and of Gibbon.


View all 7 comments. To see the complete list click on the link: It is an unusual list. There are a lot of books on the list that I hadn’t read and more than I thought possible that I haven’t even heard of.

To say the least it is an intriguing list. I really enjoyed Colm Toibin’s novel about Henry James called The Master and so I have been excited about digging into some of the authors on the list that I’ve never read before. Alan Hollinghurst is a talented writer, lyrical, accomplished, and I hope capable of more than this book. Ultimately the problem I had with the book is that I never felt any connection with Edward Manners.

In fact I barely knew much about him except that he was obsessed with sex, obsessed with himself, and about as shallow as a puddle of water on a concrete walkway. In the first hollnghurst of the book Edward is consumed with this unrealistic passion folcing this seemingly unattainable 17 year old student named Luc.

Between moments of anxiety about the object of his attraction he has several meaningless bouts of sex with men he has met under dodgy circumstances. I obtained some hope during the second part when Hollinghurst introduces the death of Edward’s friend Ralph Dawn and he gives me more background on Edward and his life before he became a tutor.

I have a glimmer of a person who once enjoyed poetry and wrote poetry before he became a alxn preoccupied with his next sexual encounter and little else. I believe that Hollinghurst was trying to present Edward as a tragic figure, but to golding this I would need to feel some sympathy for the character.

Unfortunately I never mustered up enough interest in the character to ever feel any sympathy. In fact as the novel progresses I kept thinking Edward deserves much worse to happen to him. Edward does have sex with Luc though not in the slow, seductive, romantic way he had daydreamed about through out the novel. Luc seduces him and afterwards Edward is confused as to how he actually feels about obtaining the object of his obsession.

I thought he might have vanished, it seemed foolish to let him out of my sight; but there he was, a goldish blur. I half-stumbled on his clothes, and crouched to rifle them-but what did they matter the boy himself was here? I found every fear answered and calmed by that luminous fact. He was lying in my bed, naked, sleeping-flat out. It was a triumph. Tears hillinghurst down my face, I didn’t really know why-it felt like gratitude, but also they were the tears that register some deep displacement, a bereavement sending up its sudden choking wave.

It struck me I must be mourning everything that came before-it was the desolate undertow of success. I think Hollinghurst wanted to write a novel about obsession and certainly did, but with pages I felt he could have done much more. The slender, well conceived, well written landmark of literature, Lolita would have been a better framework for success.

On a quest to find Luc, Stqr is riding in a car with Marcel, a friend of Luc and Marcel is excited. To him this is a grand adventure.

He was pink faced at the privilege of it and chattered solemnly until my nervous silence, my curt demands for help with road-signs and turnings, affected him too, rather as a staar misery seeps into a child and subdues it. I know as I grow older, like most people, I am getting grumpier, less patient, more aware of my failings insecurities and feeling the weight of accumulated baggage from my interactions with colleagues and the human holkinghurst at large.


I do not want to lay any of that on the shoulders of my kids at any age certainly not now. Their exuberance and immaturity can be oflding and I know I have been guilty of throwing water on their youthful flames. The importance of reading is that even hollinghufst a book I didn’t appreciate as much as I expected I found a concept that left me musing about my own life and the impact that I want to have on the growth of my children.

I am afraid that if someone asks me about this book in two years I’ll probably be thinking did I really read that book? Despite some good writing this is ultimately a forgettable book.

Hollinghursh all 4 comments. Mar 17, Helle rated it liked it Shelves: Alan Hollinghurst writes sublimely. I have gushed about his prose in my reviews of all his novels, and this one was no exception.

The Folding Star – Wikipedia

In this novel, we meet Edward Manners a name akin to Nick Guest from The Line of Beautywho is an Englishman abroad, a tutor to two young men in a Flemish town, one of whom he falls hopelessly in love Alan Hollinghurst writes sublimely.

In this novel, we meet Edward Manners a name akin to Hollinghurrst Guest from The Line of Beautywho is an Englishman abroad, a tutor to two young men in a Flemish town, one of whom he falls hopelessly hlllinghurst love with. I say loosely because it takes hundreds of pages before this small link is established and it remained very loose indeed to me.

I occasionally thought of rating the novel four stars. The writing is consistently five stars — as in his other novels. Rather, he intensifies situations psychologically, adding depth and meaning and nuances, and that, to me, is his great skill. Meeting them both was like meeting filmstars, their aura and beauty put weights on your tongue.

My fury halted and trod air for a moment … The beauty of his writing nonetheless failed to impart to me a holoinghurst that I could fully immerse myself in, characters that I could wonder and care about. It was dull going at times; a good enough story stretched too thin over too many pages. There was an interesting intermezzo in England th the middle where we got a lot of back story with more punch and heart, which had me turning the pages faster, though the real story was the rather more elaborate and long-winded frame story in Belgium.

As in most of his other novels, though not his latest, I felt there was too limited a focus on sex. In his first four novels, there is a lot of hanging out in bars, picking up some guy and having some gratuitous sex. Because his hollinhurst is so gorgeous be would be able to explore any topic, or at least widen the thematic field, and I hope he will make the most of what I consider to be the best contemporary English prose around.

View all 8 comments. If ever I am asked to name a writer of supreme talent working nollinghurst, I can always fall back on Alan Hollinghurst. While there are weaknesses in the early books—a penchant for narcissistic, sex-obsessed protagonists, a glaring lack of developed female characters—these can be explained away as being part of the territory. Hollinghurst writes whereof he knows, atar there is so much more in his books.