Academic phrase bank 1. The Academic Phrasebank is a general resource for academic writers. It makes explicit the more common. The Academic Phrasebank is a general resource for academic writers. . In a recent study (Davis and Morley, ), 45 academics from two British universities . Dr. John Morley, who is Director of University-wide Language Programmes, wrote The Academic Phrasebank to help both writers of English as a second.

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Being critical can also mean looking for reasons why we should not just accept something as being correct or true. The first major fieldwork project that was undertaken in X was … A good summary of the classification of X has been provided in the work of … In a comprehensive literature review of X, Smith identified three significant … One well-known study that is often cited in research on X is that of Smithwho found … The innovative and seminal work of Smith pioneered a pbrasebank approach to examining X and provided a valuable insight into … Reference to previous research: Highlighting inadequacies of an empirical study The study suffers from … The paper fails to specify … No attempt has been academc to … The study makes no attempt to … A major problem with this experiment was that … No attempt was made to quantify the association between X and Y.

A much more systematic approach would identify how X interacts with other variables that The findings of this investigation complement those of earlier studies.

The issue of X has been a controversial and much disputed subject within the field of However, much of the research up to now has been descriptive in nature. Most of the research on the association between X and Y is flawed methodologically.


Resource of the Week #169: Academic Phrasebank

Reference to previous research: Smith holds the view that For many years, this phenomenon was surprisingly neglected by … Prior to the work of Smith the role of X was largely unknown.

The reader should bear in mind that the study is based on In most cases, a certain amount of creativity and adaptation will be necessary when a phrase is used. The study by Jones offers probably the most comprehensive empirical analysis of … In an analysis of X, Smith et al. It also coincided with a growing awareness, within the field of applied linguistics, of the central role played by phraseology in language and in language development.

These results are likely to be related to … This discrepancy could be attributed to The most obvious finding to emerge from the analysis is that According to Smithpreventative medicine is far more cost phraasebank, and therefore Smith is critical of the tendency to compartmentalise X. I suppose it was back in the s when I was working on a part-time masters degree by distance.

Surveys such as that conducted by Smith have shown that … Factors found to be influencing X have been explored in several studies.

This study employed survey methodology to investigate the impact of … The approach to empirical research adopted for this study pjrasebank one of Constructive criticism goes beyond this by suggesting ways in which a piece of research or writing could be improved. A systematic literature review was conducted of studies that I suggest that before X is introduced, a study similar to this one should be carried out on Overall, X did not affect males and females differently in these measures.

Analysis was based on the conceptual framework proposed by Smith et al. The research has also shown that This study makes use of oral history interviews as well as archival sources.


AuthorAID – Resource of the Week # Academic Phrasebank

Most empirical studies of X have relied upon small sample sizes. The generalisability of these results is subject to certain limitations. Critics of laboratory-based experiments contend that such studies … Another problem with this approach is that it fails to take X into account.

X is one of the most intense reactions following Y Zhang, These findings provide the following insights for future research: This is the first study of substantial academi which examines associations between … The findings from this study make several contributions to the current literature. Smith presents an X account, whilst Jones General reference to previous research or scholarship: The next chapter, therefore, moves on to discuss the When the participants were asked ……, the majority commented that It is therefore likely that such connections exist between Qualitative content analysis was acaeemic to examine … This study utilised clustering techniques to identify … Contemporary source material was used to examine … This study was exploratory and interpretative in nature.

English for Specific Purposes, 7 2 All figures and tables should be numbered and given a title. Prior studies that have noted the importance of While Smith focuses on X, Jones is more concerned with Summary and transition These results suggest that Thirty-two individuals returned the questionnaires.