RELAY 57DP 1C6 24V. RELAY 57DP 1C6 6V. RELAY 57DP 1C/O 24V OEN. RELAY 57DP2C2 12V. RELAY 57DP 2C2 16V. RELAY 57DP 2C6 24V. RELAY. Supply Of Oen Relay 57DpV-2C Make- Oen/Pla/Omron. Details As Per Annexure-A. | Due date: 28 Jun, | Tender work Value. 57DPB2 57DPB6 57DPA2 57DPA6 57DPC2 57DPC6 57DPA2 57DPC2 57DPC6 57DPC2 57DPC6 57DPB2 57DPB6 Description, MINIATURE POWER RELAYS.

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See applications description of AC main spindle drives for functional description and programming.

For type 1 feedbackT-filtering should be set to “3”. The G91 command is not valid for G36, G37 nor G38 moves. In practice, it is very difficult to calculate how all of these timing factors interact. Once the appropriate jump command has been selected, then, if applicable, a sub-screen will appear.

Tender for Supply Of Oen Relay 57DpV-2C | Tenders in Kharagpur – West Bengal

This is done so the programmer does not have to contend with parameters that are not relevant to his process. This torque value will still be used for any Dwell or other waiting period, i. When set to a 0, normal function of the second encoder input X5 is available, no motor or winding switch-over. A configured spindle axis cannot be selected for AF Switching.

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Tx0 is only used to clear the value in the correction memory and cannot be used as an actual tool offset value. If this bit is set to 0, with a positive speed command, the motor will turn clockwise CW. Dwell times can be programmed from 0. Primary Function Selection Screen N1 3 4 5 9.

If you are unsure of the formula to use, call the Indramat Service Hot Line at G90 This is the default mode for rotary operation. N-Output Variable or Torque Bit 6: The KV factor determines the gain of the position loop regulator throughout the entire velocity range. The following table lists the options available. A-4 Settings Menu – Serial Communication Parameters that are listed with a number can be selected by the numerical keypad on the CTA or by using the up and down arrows.


Only dwell times, block jumps, or waits for acknowledgments should be performed while the G21 command is active. The sum of the selected function must be programmed in to this parameter. It does allow for up to four digits as the gear ratio.

At the drive level, the acceleration capability is limited by the amount of peak torque that the drive and motor are rated for.

If different velocity loop characteristics are desired, this parameter can be used to control the proportional section of the loop, and normal velocity loop principles apply. It is a percentage of the continuous torque available in the system. Program entry is in a two-digit tool correction register, which has an associated correction or compensation value.

The following error is calculated as follows: Ad a p t i ve De p t h n n – Enter a 1 here to enable positioning using Adaptive Depth or a 0 to disable this function.

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Once the units are properly configured in Aa02 for all axes, returning to this screen will show the correct velocity units. Thus, any auxiliary functions in this NC Block may be turned on while the axis is still in motion. When set to a 1, the speed ramp in the drive is active with E-stop and bleeder braking and the drive will decel the motor in an E-Stop condition.

Set Gains 2. The magnitude of the value entered into a register is limited by the axis parameter Aa15 “Maximum Tool Correction”. When the TRANS D is operating, the correction value in the specified tool correction register will be added to the programmed position value, i. In Manual mode, this key stops the cycle.


Any options that are drive specific such as encoder options, operating modes, special functions, etc. For example, if the tool is in the part, your Home Reverse program may be different than if the tool were at the face of the workpiece.

In Manual mode, this key accesses a short list of parameters for editing. In these cases, if reference is lost, the G74 command initiates a Drive Controlled Homing Procedure to once again reference the scale to the machine slide.

S bipolar velocity limit always relates to the load. If the axis has not been homed, trying to Rapid Jog the axis will not be possible. However, it does move 57ddp-12-2c2 axis to the newly designated Home position and output the Home signal to notify the line control that the axis is at the Home position.

57dp-122-c2 – describes each parameter and the various methods that may be used to modify them. First Positioning In order to assure that machining rdlay will be executed with a correct absolute reference under all circumstances, the first positioning in a machining program should be programmed in Absolute Positioning Mode.

Linear Scale 3. The point at which slip limit will be activated. The programmer will have the ability to select more than one option under this parameter.

57DPC2 Datasheet(PDF) – OEN India Limited

Refer to Table These designations follow the axis designations used for CNC type machines. See the following pages for the descriptions of the various parameters in each parameter set. Determines the direction the axis will move when commanded to Home.