: Samsung BX 40in Black LCD Monitor: Computers & Accessories. Specification sheet: BX Samsung 40″ LCD Montblanc Monitor. Information, datasheets and documents. Where to buy in South Africa. Buy Samsung bx Bx Series 40″ Lcd Display at

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Power On Adjustment Using MDC Changes will only be applied to the displays that are turned on. Before Using the Product Copyright The contents of this manual are subject to change without notice to improve quality The appearance of the main unit may differ from the image shown The assembly and installation of the plastic pieces and screws are the same as the images shown.

The horizontal screen will automatically be divided according to the number entered. Answer Set the frequency on your graphics card. Changing The Picture Mode This symbol indicates that high voltage is present inside.

BX | Samsung Support HK_EN

Refer to the quick installation guide provided with your TV tuner box when you connect the tuner box to the product. Samsung is not held responsible for samaung damage to the product or injuries sustained as a result of the product being installed by an unqualified individual.


Screen color is inconsistent.

Fit the 4 holders on the main unit in the grooves in the bracket, and lower 1 and securely hang the main unit on the samsyng 2. Lamp Control Change the lamp control mode. This function is available when the input source is Mode is not set to Advertisement Refer to page and page 94 for details about 4. Setting Vertical This product can xamsung be controlled by using the remote control.

Page Troubleshooting Guide The screen is not clear. Connection Using The Av Cable Hdmi Black Level Delete All Delete all the holiday schedules. Brightness Sensor detects ambient light intensity and automatically adjusts the screen brightness. Installation Do not disconnect the power cord while the product is being used.

The product will power on, preserving the same volume and input source settings as when it powered off. Screen Size The diagonal measurement of a TV screen or monitor, from corner to corner.

Samsung 400BX User Manual

College Football Playoff A beeping sound is heard when my PC is booting. This samwung is available when the input source is PC. Magicinfo only functions on products that have the MagicInfo function. This function will automatically run if the screen resolution is changed. Uninstallation Using MDC 3. Ambient Light detects ambient light intensity and automatically adjusts Select your product from the menus below and we’ll samsing you where your number is.


Preset Timing Modes Using a resolution other than the specified resolution may degrade the picture quality. Settings You can configure additional settings as required.

View the ID assigned to a connected display. Don’t show me this message again. Projectors by Lori Grunin 10 days ago.

Samsung SyncMaster 400BX Manuals

Do not 4400bx the power cord with other products. There’s a lot of cool TV tech on the horizon, but it’s not here yet. If the LCD panel displays a fixed pattern for an extended period of time more than 12 hoursa slight voltage difference may occur between the electrodes in pixels that control the liquid crystals.

Optimum Picture Quality And Afterimage Safety Lock Settings Safety Lock Lock the product in order to prevent the product from malfunction or unintended changes to the settings, or change the PIN used for locking the product.

Installation on a Perpendicular Wall Figure 1. Connection Using The Rgb-component Cable